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Khrysahl Valley

Khrysahl Valley is a region on the eastern coast of Syvahl. The region is nestled in between two strings of mountains that run off of a range known as Dunatis' Ring. The largest, and functionally capital city of Khrysahl Valley is Riven, which has grown to its size mostly for being a trade hub for ships traveling along the eastern coast.   As a trade hub, the Khrysahl Valley region has mostly grown as a place to gather resources for the other areas along the coast. It is well protected with mountains on three sides of the valley and the third side being an ocean. There are a few logging villages throughout the region that ship various stages of lumber through the port city, out into neighboring regions, as well as a large and successful iron mining town, giving the region a large supply for creating iron and steel tools, implements, and arms and armor. Another draw for the region is its namesake village, Khrysahl, a village in the mountains on the edge of a beautiful lake, which has become a vacation destination for wealthy potential investors.   This entire region also serves as a training ground for the Guild of Adventurers, which is based out of Riven, largely using it's isolated nature to properly train inexperienced members before they are allowed to take on larger tasks for the rest of Syvahl.

Natural Resources

Wood from large areas of forest. Iron or and Stone from a large iron mine.
Location under
Included Locations
Espont Lighthouse
Iron Quarry
Owning Organization
The Guild of Adventurers

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