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Welcome to the Erthe, a World-Under-Heaven, a world strange yet real. It is home to the humans and other familiar, but different lifeforms and the lands are divided between the great states and kingdoms evocative of, yet unlike many of the historical empires of Earth.   The current era is seeing the science and technology developing apace. Steam powers are commonplace, the internal combustion engines are quickly catching up, and powered flight is being invented. In this world of rapid change and developments, old certainties no longer look certain as before. New political ideas are rising, seeking to reform or even replace the kingdoms that ruled for many centuries or emancipation and/or empowerment for certain segments of the populace.   But of course, with great change comes great conflicts. The destruction of old certainties is provoking reactions, often violent ones. And new science and technology seem exceptionally and unfortunately good at providing a new and higher form of killing other humans. With all these developments, Erthe is about to enter an interesting period.

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