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The Royal Family (The Sada)


The Culture of the Royal court appears outlandish and Byzantine to anyone who has not grown up in the circles of power.
pomp, ceremony and highly specialised ritual accompanies almost every action of the court - often leading to bizarre and sometimes incredulous reactions from visiting dignitaries

Public Agenda

End the rebellion and reclaim the empire


* Royal Family* The Royal Family (The Sada) have ruled Sada Emedu for 150 years as Kings and Queens but have been involved in the political power structures of the nation for almost a millennia (or so it is said). The Sada were the human representation of the triumvirate which presided over the golden age of the Emedu Empire.   The legacy of The Sada is varied and has vacillated between benevolence and malevolence at the whim of the head of the household.   Great triumphs and great atrocities have been committed by this house in almost equal measure- over the years.   After the steady decline of the Emedu Empire left the triumvirate with little more than a handful of city regions to control- the humans, dragon borne and Halflings turned inward and squabbled amongst themselves.   The fighting was short and left the Sada in control of the Capital, the Dragonborne expelled and the halflings disenfranchised little more than serfs.   The Sada continued their inconsistent legacy once they took their place as the monarchs of the city-state, vacillating between reparation/reconciliation and repression/oppression each generation.   The most recent Royals- headed by King Dante were comparatively benign but as the King was ageing and losing his grip on power-it became increasingly clear that his successor would be Viscount Entebbe (a famously intolerant, hateful and viscous man with a history of disgraceful conduct).   Many of the Royals were wounded or slain in the final days before the retreat to the citadel and there are rumours that both Dante and Entebbe have now perished.   All that remains of the Royal Garrison are a handful of highly skilled Knights, Orc Mercenary bands and whatever reinforcements have been made by sea- by allies unknown.

Founding Date
Era of Introspection
Court, Royal

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