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Eclipsion Royal Armor

The Most Modern/Ancient Armor in Eclipsio


This article will discuss the Eclipsion Royal Armor, and how it is made, how it has evolved, and it's long history. Each set of Royal Eclipsion Armor is different from the next as is each wearer different from the last. This armor will appear in my Error Manuscript, although it hasn't quite made its appearance yet. The armor is created by Alvaro Arce, a Supernova, who uses his own blood to create Aristidion, the strongest and lightest material on Earth.

How has it Evolved over Time?

This armor has changed it's appearance with each royal family member who wears it. George Aristide's armor was very ornate, covered with intricate details such as vine-looking carvings in the armor. The very first armor-wearer, Queen Adeline Aristide had armor that was made of leather, strengthened with Supernova blood. It was still considered Aristidion, but it was a different variety, it was the ancient Aristidion, back before titanium foil was crafted.
The Supernova blood is what makes something Aristidion, unbeknownst to humans. Her armor has since deteriorated, as she died in 1386, being assassinated by her son.

The Many Reactions to Eclipsion Royal Armor

Nowadays, anyone who sees Queen Narcissica Aristide in her armor knows better than to mess with her. Her guards flank her on all sides, and she carries around two daggers in the "wings" on the shoulders of her armor. She is by no means a helpless Queen. However, when her parents were still alive, the armor was something of awe. The citizens revered their king and queen, and seeing them walk out onto the balcony, or on a parade float in their armor was otherworldly.
When the armor was first made, and Queen Adeline Aristide left her country to visit other countries, the other tribes were enamored and filled with wonder at her incredibly strong leather armor. It was claimed that the gods had blessed the queen of the Eclipsions. Her people always felt safer and more hopeful when she led them into battle wearing her armor.
When Queen Narcissica leaves the country, she wears her armor, just like any other time. She wears it as her symbol of power and also as her guardian angel. It has saved her from attempted assassinations several times, usually by the hands of the Underground of Eclipsio, her brother George's foul organization. The other countries understand that the Queen of Eclipsio means business. While she never pulls out her weapons during diplomatic talks, the other world leaders always know they're there, and so act very, very nice to her.

Pictures of the Armor

George Aristide's Eclipsion Royal Armor

George Aristide's Eclipsion Royal Armor by TimeBender

Queen Adeline Aristide

Queen Adeline Aristide by TimeBender

This armor will appear in:


The Fabricator of Aristidion

Alvaro Arce is the fabricator of the Aristidion. He has been alive and making the material since the royal House of Aristide began ruling back in 1246 AD. He is very old, but he still looks like a young adult. This is because Supernovae can choose when they age, although they can never de-age.

About Titanium Foil

Titanium foil is a very thin version of titanium. It is about an inch thick. It was not invented until 1944 AD, so the original suits of the armor were made out of leather, rather than the foil (as the foil did not exist back then). Titanium foil was selected because it is such a strong material, and the royalty of the House of Aristide have been wearing suits made of the titanium foil Aristidion since 1944.

The Morals of Rulers and their Armor

The armors of the rulers of Eclipsio have told much about the rulers, from the very first set, to the last set made most recently for Queen Narcissica. George Aristide , Narcissica's eldest brother, had a set of very ornate armor. However, he was a terrible son, and attempted a coup, which was put down by the royal soldiers, but not before the deaths of the king and queen. Narcissica, on the other hand, went with sleek, and frill-less armor, unlike her brother. Queen Narcissica is a good queen. Her brother is cruel and pitiless. Mag Aristide, the middle child, wears no armor, and chose to leave behind Eclipsio and remain in America, where he was sent for his safety after the coup.
This pattern of fancier suits of armor being owned by the power-hungry, looking for confirmation of their majesty in their armor, has been an unfortunate pattern occurring in Eclipsio for many, many centuries.

Is Eclipsio Waning?

Eclipsio as a country is not waning. However, the royal bloodline is all but spent. There are only three of the royal bloodline remaining: George Aristide, Mag Aristide, and Narcissica Aristide. George tried to destroy his siblings when he was thirteen and caused the death of their parents. Mag was sent to America for his own safety and gave the throne to his younger sister, Narcissica. And Narcissica is left ruling the country, while also seeking vengeance against George for the deaths of their parents.

How does the Eclipsion Royal Armor armor look?

This armor is very sleek, and modern. Just like Eclipsio's capital city of Aristidus. It is pink and black, and the amount of pink and black varies depending on the desire of the royal member wearing the armor. Narcissica's armor fits her perfectly, tailored and re-shaped to fit her as she aged.
Her armor has small "wings" poking out from her shoulders. Other than that, the armor is fairly unadorned, as she requested when she had the armor made for her.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Eclipsion Royal Armor is made of a special material that only the royal family of Eclipsio has access to. This material is known only as Aristidion, and it is incredibly lightweight, while also able to withstand the most brutal of attacks. Not much is known about Aristidion, as the material is fabricated by a fabricator who stays inside the palace constantly. Not even Queen Narcissica Aristide knows anything about the material, except for the fact that she wears it.


This armor signifies that the wearer is a member of royalty in the House of Aristide. Not just the King and Queen are given armor. The royal House as a whole has armor made specially for them, from the age of eleven and up. There used to be a special ceremony, but since the deaths of King William and Queen Kate Aristide, the ceremony has been scrapped for the safety of Queen Narcissica, who is the last person to wear the royal armor. So Queen Narcissica never got to have her ceremony, although she does wear the armor still.

Colors and Insignia

The colors of the armor are light pink and black. The Aristidion is painted to turn light pink although it is black when the armor is presented to the royal family members. Some of the black is kept, according to the taste of the royal family member. Light pink is the color of mourning in Eclipsio.
The royal family wears pink and black because they will wear this armor when they are buried. The black represents death, which is always on every royal family member's mind, due to the often coups attempted by members of the royalty in the past.
Item type
Current Location
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization

These armor suits are only made for the royalty of the House of Aristide, the rulers of Eclipsio . They are stunningly beautiful and lightweight. They stand out on modern day Earth whenever the royalty wearing this armor leaves the country or even the palace.

2 lbs
Base Price

570,000 englos (Approx. 2,280,000 dollars)
Raw materials & Components

The fabricator who makes the Aristidion is a Supernova, who has been making the Aristidion for as long as the House of Aristide has ruled. The materials required to make this armor are as follows: titanium foil and a drop of Supernova blood. Anything with Supernova blood added to strengthen it can technically be considered Aristidion. But nowadays, the Supernova who makes this armor is very specific in what it should be made of, titanium foil is the only thing he will accept.

The Supernova fabricator only needs his super-strength to crush the blood onto the titanium foil and mold the thick foil to the exact specifications to fit the body of the royalty's body that he's making it for.

Narcissica Aristide- Last Wearer of Eclipsion Royal Armor

Narcissica is not the last survivor of the House of Aristide. In fact, she has two older brothers. Mag Aristide and George Aristide. Mag is the only other survivor besides Queen Narcissica of their older brother's attempted coup against their parents. Their parents, William and Kate Aristide were killed by the rebels. Mag, just a toddler, was sent to America on a plane, and Narcissica, a baby, was taken by her nurse to shelter in the royal bunker.
The coup failed in the end, and the royal army crushed the rebellious army. Mag does not wear the royal armor as he lives in America, and he gave the throne to his younger sister. George does not wear the royal armor because he betrayed the royal family.

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Author's Notes

This article was made for the Costume Challenge! It is all accurate to the world of Error Earth.

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