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The coastal storms, the faraway flashes of lightning juxtaposed with the silent buzzing of the neon street sign. A bit sleepless, looking at the vista of the Polar Sea, the yellow gasses of that Daormer island in the distance, the warm Chocla brew in my hand. I will never forget these nights. Maybe I'll die here in this cell, but the inner peace my soul found in Keldarath soothes me.  

- Diary of an Ex-Obzenar worshipper, imprisoned by Justicars after he returned home to his family from Keldarath

  Keldarath is an independent coastal city-state on the Keldarath Coast.


The city has a status for being a refuge for exiles. 75% of the inhabitants are Humans. Mostly the descendants of people who were fleeing from The Corruption of Ba'el and later The Barethonian Inquisition.   20% Are Lichen who were, or still are, struggling to escape the dark grasp of Obzenars embrace. Keldarath is known for its clinics and production of medical technology to heal the condition of 'soul loosening' that Lichen tend to endure, explaining their population in the city.   The remaining 5% is a recent influx of Lupines who were escaping a life of predation in the Kerrsang woods.
Inhabitant Demonym

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