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Erode is a world amidst great change. The gears of industrial mechanization have begun turning after the last great war. The discovery of a new element has allowed for technology to jump forward in new and strange ways. Maritime ships have become bi-terrain vehicles, taking to the skies as well as the water. Automobiles while still a luxury in most cities, glow a strange green hew with their new engines. Medical prostheses are able to become more complex and intricate with smaller fuel sources.


As the new opportunities for medicine, technology, and society increase so do the dark places. Pirates take to the air and hide in cliffsides. Rumors spread of new terrifying illegal weaponry. With the growing pains of changing cultures comes discontent and suspicion. Adventure, wonder and intrigue play hand in hand.


This is the world for the in progress novel "Lafitette Skies."


Story Summary: An infamous thief broke into the hold of the Airguard vessel known as the Kingfisher. He wasn't after his usual target of jewels or art and thus the crew are left with more questions than answers. As rumors of monsters and ghosts in the streets materialize in the smog of Abbingdon's South End, the Kingfisher crew find themselves entangled deeper and deeper with Lafiette's criminal underworld. Are these strange events somehow connected? How far is the crew willing to go to find out?

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