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The Northern Peninsula

The Northern Peninsula is one of the most temperate areas in Erimos, although it is still covered in arid scrub and rocky badlands. The peninsula is dominated by two large city-states: Shem and Cressus. There are several minor city-states as well, including Khala and Tarm. Garesh and Maresh are nominally independent, although they are so closely tied to Shem that one could consider them part of a greater nation. Prajaram, in the only forest on the peninsula, is home to an insular society of elves which does not interact much with their neighbors. To the east lies the The Great Salt Sea.


The Northern Peninsula is is situated in a region that experiences milder temperatures than most of Erimos. Also home to several large oasis, there is readily available fresh water feeding several large city-states. The coast of the peninsula hosts a variety of tropical plants, while the interior is more of a sparse scrub land. The Cressian Badlands is an area of limited plant life dominated by gravelly terrain and rocky outcrops. To the southeast lies The Great Sand Sea, an enormous sandy desert of rolling dunes.

Fauna & Flora

There are several species native to the Northern Peninsula or imported from other regions for the purpose of domestication. Skisnik are large wolf-sized lizards with red hide that roam the Red Steppe and Hashoden Empire. They are also domesticated as guard animals by nobles; or as curiosities. Khalati are large red lizards at least four times the size of a horse or larger. In the wild they are usually docile, but might attack without warning. They are often domesticated and used as beast of labor to haul giant wagons or equipped with a howdah for transport or military purposes. Orgok are large mammals with squat, broad frames. The stocky beasts are covered in rolls of fat and insulated from the sun by thick coats of curly hair that tangles into thick ropes that drag the ground. Just as tall as any horse but twice as wide, a pair of Orgok could haul a thousand stone-weights of cargo without strain.


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