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The orcs of Erimos can be found in many regions. There are several different ethnic groups, each with their own customs, cultures, and beliefs. These groups are divided, also, by the hue of their skin. The Grashni - often referred to as Red Orcs - native to the Red Wastes are the largest centralized civilization of orcs, but the more numerous grey-skinned Zavashi are spread throughout the Hashoden Empire and the lands to the south, integrated into human societies rather than retaining the isolationist stance of their northern cousins.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Orcs are usually large and muscular compared to humans, although this is by far a generalization and not universally true. The typical orcish male will stand seven feet tall and twice as broad as a human male at the shoulders. Their bodies are covered in tightly corded muscles, making them much more powerful than their smaller counterparts. Sharp teeth fill their mouths, and long tusks often jut from their lower jaws. Other than their broad chins, large mouths, and small pointed ears their facial structure is more-or-less similar to that of humans. Their skin tones vary by ethnicity, common examples being the dark grey to ashy white of the Zavashi and the red hues of the Grashni. The ebon-skinned Dragaf are more rare and found only in the mountains near the Gemstone Coast.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Orcs are mostly carnivorous, although their bodies are capable of digesting plant-life. An extended vegetarian diet will often lead to serious health issues, and eventually death from malnutrition.

Civilization and Culture

Culture and Cultural Heritage

One common thread among the different cultures of orcs is their close relationship with the world around them. Of all the races of Erimos, the orcs are the most in touch with their surroundings. Taming beasts considered to be wild by human standards, weathering the harsh conditions of the deserts with ease, and otherwise seeming to belong more than any other race are key identifying factors across all groups of orcs.


The history of the orcs is one that stretches back in the sands of time, and much of it is lost to the same. No one knows how the various orcish cultures split from one another eons ago. Since, the three major cultures have grown apart into unique entities that share little in common with each other.

Orc Species
80 years
Average Height
6'6" to 7"7"
Average Weight
300 - 400 lbs

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