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Mashim is a merchant in Khala who has made a modest fortune dealing in trade goods. He has a simple shop near the main gate of the city which doubles as his home. Most of his business dealings are above-board affairs and involve brokering the trade of spices, textiles, pottery, and household metal goods. He has an orcish bodyguard named Khag who many mistake as a slave although he is actually a refugee outcast by his own people and employed by the merchant.

Mental characteristics

Intellectual Characteristics

Mashim tends to speak in florid language and dramatic rhetoric. He sees all of life as a drama, and likes to illustrate this with his words. The habit has a tendency of annoying those around him, especially his bodyguard Khag. Mashim also has a habit of referring to himself in the third-person, although not as a rule. This quirk tends to pop up only when bragging about himself. On this note, his boasts are normally inflated beyond the bounds of reality.
“And thus the intrepid nomad bravely journeys back to his home in the Great Sand Sea,” Mashim waved his arms about dramatically.   Khag huffed again from over the pot and mumbled, “Life is not a theater, Mashim. His suffering is not for your entertainment.”
  From "Blood of the Desert", by B.K. Bass

Morality & Philosophy

Unlike most of those who ply their trade in Khala - and likewise most of the The Northern Peninsula - Mashim is not fond of slavery. When others assume that his own orcish bodyguard is a slave, he is quick to point out that this is not true. Still, he is a greedy man and although he treats his servant well; he does not pay him much.
“Oh! He is no slave! Khag is a dear friend, and Mashim pay’s him well for his work; do I not?”   “You do not,” Khag said, “but, you do pay me. It is true. I am no slave; though Mashim exaggerates his own generosity.”
  From "Blood of the Desert" by B.K. Bass

Current Location
The Northern Peninsula
Dark brown and short, with a full beard and pointed mustache.
300 pounds

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