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The orcs of the Red Wastes

The Grashni, or Red Orcs, are native to the Red Wastes south of the Great Sand Sea and north of the Hashoden Empire. The society of the Grashni is the most concentrated unified group of orcs in all of Erimos, and they consider themselves to be the one true culture of their race. Although disparate tribes and clans might fight each other, they will quickly unite to defend their sacred homeland from any outside invaders.   Grashni, in the orc tongue, translates to 'people of the red stone'.


Culture and cultural heritage

The Grashni believe in harmony with their environment, choosing to live a simpler lifestyle than their southern cousins. They deplore large cities, and even their own largest settlements are little more than widespread villages. Many of the Red Orcs live as nomads, traveling the Red Wastes and setting temporary villages that normally do not last more than a year before they are dismantled and moved.   The Grashni also keep many tamed beasts for use as mounts, to transport supplies, or as hunting and battle companions. Most notably among these are the Skisnik, a species of red-scaled lizard native to the Red Wastes. Considered by human cultures to be savage predators, the Grashni keep them as both pets and to be used in hunting and war much in the same way as a human might keep a tamed wolf.

Average technological level

The Grashni live a simple life close to the land, and many of their tools and weapons are made from what can be foraged. Carved stone, animal bones, and other readily available resources are used. Their homes are often made of the skins of the animals that can be found in the Red Wastes, as is their clothing.

Coming of Age Rites

When a member of the Grashni - male or female - reaches the age of maturity, they are sent out into the wastes for one month to survive alone. They must hunt, forage, and defend themselves; proving not only that they are capable of no longer being a burden on the tribe but also that they are one with the world around them. Those that fail, die; those that return alive are welcomed back into the tribe as adults.

Funerary and Memorial customs

All flesh is considered a resource in such a difficult environment, and when one of the Grashni dies a great feast is held in their honor - with the deceased as the main course. When the flesh of the dead is devoured by the tribe, they believe that the soul of the parted remains with them for all eternity to watch over their descendants. Should a member of the tribe die in such a way that their flesh cannot be returned to the tribe - such as being devoured by a wild animal - their soul is considered lost for all time.

Common Taboos

Waste of any resource is the greatest crime among the Grashni. Fighting over resources is considered a normal part of daily life - as only the strong are fit to survive - but letting food or water go to waste is a crime punishable by death and dishonor.


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