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Rebuan (Re-boo-an)

The Rebuan People are masters of agricultural technology and advancement. They can produce some of the most nutrient dense foods in all of Asmatum. along side this the Rebuan people also have some of the highest caliber artisans in Asmatum and people search far and wide for the highest quality meats and and vegetables.






Kashi is a Village of distillers and brewers. taking fruits from Kirum, Wheat from Asru, and sugar cane from Guz. They use the water from lake Ebebu and then have learned to filter the water further to have the purest water possible for their spirits and beer. Guz is a village the sits on both sides of the Arhis River, the village uses man-made flooded fields to grow sugar cane the bridges that span the river are used for fishing Guz is known for its high-quality fishing exports and its sugar cane for being the sweetest in all of Eridu. Kirum is a town of vineyards and orchards that make some of the best wines in all of asmatum. The ground is incredibly nutrient-dense because of the Putmashu River making for fruits with extremely high sugar content. Innapih is a village on the border of Ukinnu and Rebu the settlers of the village founded it after leaving Bit Durani to pursue Magic as a useful agent of plant growth that could create larger and more bountiful crops than normally thought possible. while Innapih is known for its oversized gourds it is not due to magic but instead the nutrient-rich soil of the region. Kuninu is known for its Weaved bowls. the old elderly woman of Kininu can make teapots out of reads better than some clay workers of Salasa. many of the weavers choose to use dried-out stripes of sugar cane to impart natural sweetness to the liquids that are put in the vassals.




Tugtushe is a Textiles worker and connoisseur dream. clothes for every kind of person made at the highest quality. vibrant and delicate or rugged and durable and everything in between can be found here.
also, newer types of home goods can be found here like window drapes and art tapestries.
Asru is the field upon field of wheat and corn most of the loaves of bread of the world are made from the wheat and corn that come from these lands. many farmers mix proprietary fertilizers to try and grow the largest grain or corn heads or instill signature flavors to their products. Rimanis is a humble village that takes pride in its meats, with a robust husbandry market and world-class butchers to boot, you can find just about any kind of meat you looking for here.

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