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Eridena is a magipunk world of flying ships, impossible buildings, and excitement with a rich, and deep lore. Thousands of years ago the High Elves ruled the planet, with their empires powered by magic. They subjugated nearly all the other races, forcing them into slavery for a thousand years, but it would not last. The High Elves' power came from magic, and magic is a finite resource. When the elves sapped it Eridena lashed out and seized her magic, stripping it from the world and wiping out the High Elves in a process that left the planet's geography mangled and gave it a second moon.   Adventure abounds on Eridena from the aggressive, magically advanced Empire of Demenia, and its vast plains, to the mercantile monarchy of Lower Lete. From the brutally cold Northern Kingdoms, and the last bastion of elves, Rost'elena, the last bastion of the elves. Eridena is a world of rich cultures, all competing, conspiring, and warring to insure their own survival.   At the same time, Eridena is in turmoil. Bandits roam the Demenian interior sacking and looting as they go. Savage Nomad Kings rule the deserts and plains of Traia and pirate fleets from Sandryne, and the Merchant Houses of Craw sail every sea. It's not just people one must be wary of either. Vicious monsters and cunning foes from other worlds and planes walk Eridena.   Eridena strives to be system agnostic, but related statblocks defer to Pathfinder's 1st Edition ruleset over any other d20 system.