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I am Thalorian. Hailing from the splendid Grenchester Rise and the Shimmerwood forest, I protect the weak and defenseless in the name of the Queen.
  Self sacrificing and loyal, Thalorian follow strict social order with heavy ties in strong military tradition. The Thalorian skill at warfare is unsurpassed and other intellectual races of Erenel have learned to respect it. In times of peace it is common for Thalorian knights and soldiers to double as mercenaries if the cause fits their belief system.   Thalorian skin tone ranges from pale white to light brown . Brown and auburn hair is common though the color can vary greatly. With deep brown and gray eyes, Thalorian have square and oval faces with strong jaw lines.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Astrid, Brenna, Gunhild, Hilda, Sigrid, Tove, Ylva

Masculine names

Alaric, Bjorg, Brandt, Einar, Olin, Sigurd, Ulf

Family names

Ambercrown, Buckman, Dundragon, Evenwood, Greycastle, Tallstag


Culture and cultural heritage

Most Thalorian make their living farming. Planting crops and raising animals, most have small shrines to Asanna, Kalator or Rezmir in their homes or a small church in the village devoted to worship.

Shared customary codes and values

Thalorians value hard work and plain speaking. Put a problem or task at hand and through steadfastness and grit it will be completed.

Common Dress code

The vast majority of clothing is simple and fashioned from wool and leather. Long woolen gowns and neutral colors are a typical sight for woman with simple slacks and tunics for men.   Wrist clasps are currently in high fashion for both men and woman not only for a fashionable look but to hide valuables or a weapon. As is with the Thalorian culture, everything has a purpose.

Art & Architecture

Thalorian show less focus on art but benefit from great craftsmanship out of necessity. Metalworkers make iron tools, knives and swords. Woodworkers make wooden bowls, furniture, carts and wheels. Jewelers craft beautiful brooches, beads and ornaments from gold, gemstones and glass.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

After a long fortnite of work, many Thalorian villages throw large feasts for all to attend. A great hunt will commence early that morning with ale, wine and dancing. Each feast is the talk of the town until the start of the next and serves as the most popular community event.

Coming of Age Rites

It is expected that Thalorian children grow up quicker than most and children are considered adults as early as the age of 10. Thalorian households are known to have large families to help tend the land. Boys and girls learn the skills of their father and rarely leave the village they are born in unless called to war.
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