Southern Wildwood

Be wary of mournful howls rising out of the mists.

I do not know which is worse, the condescending dragon twins who demand ridiculous payment for passage, or the pack of Elvish Werewolves who attack without warning from the tree tops. On second thought it is the lycanthrope.  
    • Traveling Rashemi Merchant
The Southern Wildwood is a large dense forest located north of the Scabbard Wastes and south of the Tonarian Grasslands. The western forest is set in the shadows of the Crestfallen mountain range. The Southern Wildwood, dividing the Ahn' Kalin and Rashemi, is rarely visited due to two powerful factions striving for control of the dark forest.   Currently the Alabaster Dragon Lords claim most of the Southern Wildwood. Two adult white dragon siblings, born by their wounded and dying mother in the Crestfallen mountains to the north, have spent their existence ruling over the inhabitants of the Southern Wildwood. The pair of dangerous dragons call themselves the Alabaster Dragon Lords and demand an extravagant tax for any who try to find passage into the dangerous forests.   The Alabaster Dragon Lords ownership is contested by the savage Crescent Cursed. A lycanthrope pack who have roamed the Southern Wildwood since the bonding. Many believe the lycanthrope were once wicked Elves who hid in the lush forest to hide from Al'Madoon's wrath, their guilt and despair slowly transforming their mortal bodies into beasts. Unlike normal lycanthrope, the Crescent Cursed will only revert to their elven bodies when a full moon rises overhead and are forced into hybrid werewolf bodies otherwise.


Lush tree clusters forming a dense dark forest grow to the cliffs of Azure Bay. Mists are common, rising from the ground at days end, obscuring view and allowing hidden shapes to writhe and twist within the fogs. Mournful howls rising out of the darkness is a common occurrence as travelers huddle around fires praying for the sun to rise.   Many central fringes open into treacherous bogs and difficult marshy expanses. Towering moss draped trees fill the lonely untraveled stagnant waters.

Natural Resources

Those brave enough to enter the Southern Wildwood can benefit from Moonwood. Powerful evergreen trees reach to the sky with roots centuries old, many dating back to the Era of the Blind, ready to be harvested for lumber.

Alabaster Dragon Lords
Alternative Name(s)
Moonwoods, Misthavens
Owning Organization
Alabaster Dragon Lords
Contested By


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