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Only approved 5E books and Gamingbrew Homebrew can be used in Shattered Divinity! A list of approved books can be found in House Rules
This article details rules for creating a Shattered Divinity character. For the most part, Shattered Divinity uses the same character creation rules in 5E, but there are some key differences.   Each player may only have one active character. Take your time and create a character that you'll love to play! If you need help with anything outlined below in the Character Creation process, don’t hesitate to reach out by posting in the #sd-help Discord channel.

Accessing your Character Sheet

After being accepted into Shattered Divinity, Brews will send you a login and password to access the Shattered Divinity Core in FoundryVTT.   Shattered Divinity Core is a virtual tabletop, active almost 24/7, that contains all player character sheets. You’ll also have access to Ravenspur, a safe town filled with vendors, notice board quests and NPCs. Please be aware a moderator must be logged in for town exploration!   Upon login, a pop-up will appear, asking you to select your computer’s quality level. Answer truthfully since this helps auto-assign graphic settings! For additional setting changes, use the Game Settings tab on the right sidebar. It is recommended to enter the configure settings -> control settings and turn off "Pan to Token Speaker."   While on the landing page, you can click various items on the desk to open up your character sheet, rules journal, or enter Ravenspur (once activated). Your character sheet is also available at all times under the actors directory on the right sidebar.


Only Erenel Races may be used in Shattered Divinity.  

Ability Scores

When assigning your ability scores, you can either use Standard Array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8) or a 27 point buy system.  


Your character must be at least the age of adulthood for your race.  


Your character begins with the starting equipment and gold provided by their class and background. You can also choose to forgo this and take the gold associated with your class instead.
As the player base explores the lands outside Ravenspur, you'll have the opportunity to meet NPCs that will provide additional starting equipment!


Hit points are maxed for first level. When rolling for health on a level up, you may roll or take the average. If you roll a one you can reroll once.   Rolls can be done either in FoundryVTT or using the Discord Dice Bot.


Instead of choosing a standard language, Shattered Divinity uses Erenel Languages. When choosing additional languages, players learn the dialect, not the root language. Dialect languages include Arkine, Dragoncoil, Igrati.   If choosing a language without dialects, the player learns the root language instead. Root languages include Eidolon, Eternal and Forsworn.


After deciding on a character name, display your name in Discord! Change your nickname in the Gamingbrew Discord to (Character Name) Discord Name. Example: (Rylid) Gamingbrew. Rylid is the player character, and Gamingbrew is the Discord alias.  


Tell us more about your character and share your character’s art on the #character-intro Discord channel. Your posted introduction will be linked under your character name in the #player-directory for everyone to refer to as Shattered Divinity progresses!   If you'd only like to share your character art, that's okay too. Brews will pull your art from the #character-intro Discord channel to make your character after you've completed character creation.

Extra Player Options

Gamingbrew options to further customize your Erenel character. Some options are available only for Gamingbrew Patrons.  

House Rules and Class Changes

Certain classes and subclasses from offical sources have been modified.  
House Rules
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New players and rerolls begin at Level 1.
  This level will increase as the playerbase explores Talon Heights and accomplish major milestones!  


Players can currently reach a maximum of Level 4.
  This level will increase as the playerbase explores Talon Heights and accomplish major milestones!

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