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Welcome to the Living Erenel Roleplaying article. In this article, we'll breakdown the third major pillar of Living Erenel's D&D/MMO experience, ROLEPLAY!
Roleplaying in Living Erenel represents how your character engages the world between adventures and is one of the most considerable aspects of participated content. The ability to roleplay at any time in the Gamingbrew Discord is a fantastic part of being in Living Erenel.   In order to make roleplaying the most enjoyable experience possible for players, it is essential to be aware of the following information.


Characters in Living Erenel are strongly encouraged to create backstories during character creation. However, because Living Erenel is a world with story arcs and multiples adventures, these backstories are not canon.   What this means is you are free to roleplay the life of your character leading up to their admission into Living Erenel, but you will not gain any power benefits or influence Living Erenel’s culture with your backstory.   You cannot make yourself the daughter of a king or a long lost savior and expect to gain benefits. What you do in Living Erenel with factions, personal quests, and world events will leave your mark on the game!

Best Practices

The following are important formatting rules and best practices when roleplaying in the Gamingbrew Discord. Gamingbrew moderators will help facilitate as necessary.
  • Change your nickname in the Gamingbrew Discord to (Living Erenel Character Name) Discord Name. Example: (Rylid) Gamingbrew Rylid is the Living Erenel character, and Gamingbrew is the Discord alias.
  • When speaking in character, use "quotation marks" or Bold. Bold can be done by placing two asteriks before and after your dialogue.
  • When describing an action or scene, use italics. Italics can be done by placing an asterisk before and after the action in Discord.
  • To quickly say something out of character, use (parentheses). Keep in mind, excessive out of character talk will be flagged by a moderator.
  • You can only be present in one Roleplay channel at a time. If your character leaves one roleplay channel for another, use in italics (YOUR CHARACTER NAME) EXITS, so other roleplayers know you have left the area. If your character is present in a channel and you want to attract other roleplayers, use in italics (YOUR CHARACTER NAME) ENTERS.
  • You will only control your character when roleplaying. For example, if you attempt to persuade a character, the character decides if you were persuasive.
  • If players are roleplaying a scene together in a channel, wait until they have finished before beginning your scene.
  • Discord tagging a player during roleplay is acceptable and recommended, unless the player asks you to not tag them.
  • Roleplay is not considered Canon. However, how you interact with other players in the Living World will undoubtedly have consequences!


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Roleplay Environments

There are many designated areas to roleplay in Living Erenel! When accepted into the game and while creating your character, a moderator will assign you the Living Erenel Role in Discord. This role gives access to open roleplay areas, such as major cities, various open-world locations, world events, and the marketplace.   When joining a Faction, a moderator will assign you that Faction’s role in Discord. This role provides access to the factions roleplay areas. These Faction specific areas are only visible by Living Erenel characters who are part of the Faction. If you leave the Faction, you’ll immediately lose access to said Faction’s channels.   All Living Erenel players are free to post on the global #notice-board. This notice board acts as a way to post jobs, guild recruitment, faction advertisements, etc. Spamming the notice board will result in a moderator warning   All Living Erenel players are free to post in the #marketplace to sell, buy, or trade goods and services with other players. Roleplaying best practices continue in the marketplace.   Important! The #p2p-transactions channel is where a finalized trade is posted for moderator approval. The trading channel is not a roleplaying channel and reserved for tracking Living Erenel trades.   As the Living World progresses, more roleplaying channels will pop up, many of which are based on the current theme.

Dungeon Master NPC Interaction

Similar to Personal Quests, players can unlock private text roleplay sessions with a Dungeon Master acting as an NPC. This NPC can be used in different exciting ways, such as a player’s backstory of faction agenda. While roleplaying with a Dungeon Master, the Dungeon Master has full control of the NPC.   Dungeon Master NPCs are unlocked for Players or Factions by spending a set amount of Seasonal Currency. This allows Dungeon Masters to not be overrun with roleplay requests, add meaningful interactions, and keep track of events as a team.   When starting a DM NPC Interaction, put a request in the #seasonal-wares Discord channel. A Dungeon Master will respond and discuss the Roleplay topic.

Roleplay Adventures

Each week, Dungeon Masters host Voice and Text RP adventures in the Gamingbrew Discord. Players can sign up and participate in one Voice OR Text RP adventure per week for Seasonal Currency and Faction Fame. Players are free to participate in additional adventures if the adventure is not filled but do not earn any seasonal rewards.   Faction Dinner Parties do not fall under this rule. Players can participate and earn rewards in both a Faction Dinner Party and Roleplay Adventure in the same week.

Prohibited Roleplay Conduct

The roleplaying actions below are prohibited and are considered a bannable offense. While the subject matter exists outside of the game, we're here to have a great time.   Sexual Harassment. You will not sexually harass or assault another character, regardless of the other character's consent. Romance, marriage, and less egregious actions are permitted, but being overly erotic will result in moderator action.   Suicide. You cannot commit or threaten suicide and must instead retire your character. Self-sacrifice in-game to save the party does not qualify as suicide.   Torture. You cannot graphically torture another npc or player character physically or mentally.   If you ever feel uncomfortable by another player's roleplaying, speak to a moderator immediately.

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