Living Erenel Dungeon Masters

Thank you for your interest in becoming a DM for Living Erenel! Before you begin the application process, please note the following.  
  • You must be active in the Gamingbrew community for a minimum of (3) months to apply. If you are an active Living Erenel player, your chance of being accepted is increased significantly. If your application is denied, you cannot reapply for a minimum of (1) month.
  • Above average knowledge of both 5E and Living Erenel rules is required.
  • All DMs are guaranteed a player spot in Living Erenel. DMs do not need to be Patreon supporters to become a Living Erenel DM.
  • After applying, you’ll be interviewed by a Gamingbrew moderator. This interview involves being assigned a Mentor who can help you prepare games and navigate any situation that may arise.
  • Living Erenel DMs have minimum requirements to remain on the team. Our DMs are labeled as either Brew Masters or Dungeon Masters, with everyone beginning as Dungeon Masters.
  • Dungeon Master Application:  


  • Brew Master's must run a minimum of 1 game every other week. Failure to do so will result in being demoted to Dungeon Master. Specific accommodations are made for exceptional long-term Brew Masters.
  • Maximum of 1 adventure a week. This is in place to prevent Brew Master burn out!
  • Free to run balanced homebrew creatures and use established NPCs in storylines.
  • When using established NPCs, extra steps must be taken for world continuity and requires storyline approval to prevent overlap.
  • Priority Adventures. Brew Masters are given priority if an adventuring week has been filled with the maximum number of adventures.
  • Brew Master tipping. Brew Masters are encouraged to set up a PayPal tipping service and can accept tips from players. An easy-to-find link will be available for players.
  • Bribery between a Brew Master and their players will result in immediate removal.
  • Shilling for tips in a way that results in player harassment will result in immediate removal.
  • Exceptional Brew Masters could be asked to Mentor Dungeon Masters. While not required, it is appreciated.

  • Dungeon Masters must run a minimum of 1 game every three weeks, Adventure or Roleplay. Failure to do so will result in being removed from the team.
  • Maximum of 1 adventure a week. This is in place to prevent Dungeon Master burn out!
  • Cannot run any homebrew creatures without a Mentor’s approval. Reskinned stat blocks from official sources do not need approval.
  • Running reflavored official adventures and one-shots are encouraged.
  • Failure to follow this rule will result in immediate removal.
  • Running Games

  • All games are played in FoundryVTT. DMs will need their own license which can be obtained at A DM will also need to decide on self-hosting or using a hosting service such as
  • DMs are required to use specific FoundryVTT modules to keep the experience similar in all games. However, DMs are free to run additional modules after including the required ones. Modules will update over time and pinned in the Discord DM channel.
  • Games should have a maximum of 5 players unless the game is a World Event or Great Hunt. When running large-scale games, player pacing is of utmost importance. These games are capped at 10 players.
  • Streaming games is encouraged if you’re a streamer but not necessary.
  • All House Rules must be used in every game.

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