Lantern Priests

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The Church of Light and Law

It is said the Lion roars at midnight in the darkness to warn the Lantern Priests against danger. Those who pray to Rezmir may see a giant winged Lion in their hour of greatest need. If it does not roar, then all is lost, for defeat has been decreed by the Light of Law. If it does roar, it is a sign of Rezmir's favor.
— Brother Lavant
  As the most popular religion in the known world, Lantern Priests and Rezmir's ideal of Light and Law stretch across Erenel. Lantern Priests follow the Dogma of Rezmir and look to bring his tenets to settlements in need of aid. By their decree; no one is above the Law, no matter their position of power.  

Tenets of Light and Law

  • Always search for the presence of Light.
  • Give no mercy to those who twist the Law for selfish gain.
  • No one is above the Law, not even Lords and Kings.
  • There cannot be peace without justice; nor justice without law.
  • Shine a light on the darkness of injustice, wherever it may lurk.


The Church divides itself into three main orders filling different roles in society, all striving to bring order to Erenel.  

Of the Book

Brothers and Sisters of the Book are the oldest order in the Church, dedicated to uncovering the Truth found in worshiping Light and Law.   Their robes are white with gold trim with flowing purple silk sashes over their shoulders. The purple sash symbolizes Rezmir’s protection and is removed to tie old manifests, and ancient tomes closed after study. Communities of Brothers and Sisters live together discussing Rezmir’s True Law and how to manifest his teachings into the world.

Of the Road

Brothers and Sisters of the Road serve Light and Law by protecting the people of Erenel wherever darkness spreads. Wearing Rezmir’s Lantern on their belt and equipped for combat, they hunt criminals to bring them to justice, no matter the personal cost.   Often hired to help protect settlements, they will travel into the wilderness to slay threatening beasts or quell chaotic uprisings. However, Lords have learned to be wary for Brothers and Sisters of the Road are loyal to their teachings first and the kingdom second.

Of the Word

Brothers and Sisters of the Word teach their followers to live according to the Light of True Law. Trained at a young age to serve the church as preachers, Brothers and Sisters of the Word have sworn a vow of simplicity and devotion to the community they are assigned.   Their most important task is to teach their community to live according to True Law and find meaning in a hard day's work. Typically, preachers of the Word work as scribes or notaries while wearing common civilian clothes. When preaching a sermon and every Sulnarya, ceremonial vestments are adorned. These ceremonial vestments are white flowing robes with red silk and gold lace. A high collar with a ceremonial lantern tied to the waist is also a common wardrobe choice.


Every Sulnarya, Rezmir's faithful will keep a ceremonial lantern lit outside their door or visible in a window as a way of showing their devotion and to welcome in a new week of work.   Followers of Light and Law attend their place of worship every other Sulnarya for a sermon. The preacher of the Word will teach what he has been studied by the Brothers and Sisters of the Book. Missing sermons is a common occurrence and not frowned upon as long as followers advocate Light and Law in their community. How difficult the Week of Atonement is for all followers of Light and Law hinges on how well you followed and praised Rezmir's tenets that year.

All things are equal before True Law

Founding Date
134 EoBO
Religious, Holy Order
Alternative Names
Light's Watch

Celebrated Holidays

The Week of Atonement

A week of penance and fasting to prepare the faithful for Piercing the Veil.

Piercing the Veil

Every year on Summer Solstice.
Celebrates the temptation Rezmir overcame by defeating Elturel the Fallen Elf. Piercing the Veil is held during the longest night of the year. All the Faithful gather for a vigil, bringing lanterns and candles to combat the dark. Once the dawn breaks, the Great Feast begins marking the triumph of Light and Law.

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