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Welcome to the Living Erenel Factions article. In this article, we'll breakdown the second major pillar of Living Erenel's D&D/MMO experience, FACTIONS! The information below is subject to change before release.
Factions in Living Erenel are player-run organizations designed to add an extra element of gameplay structure, role play, and world engagement for players. Factions represent smaller divisions of popular Erenel factions.   For example, your player could join the Lantern Priests or Spellsong Remnant. However, your division would represent the Krovian Lantern Priests or the Ulkadian Spellsong Remnant. Important NPCs reside over the Faction as a whole, but the player's Faction is 100% player-driven with their own elected officials, reward structures, and unique adventures.

Living Erenel Factions


Faction Rules

When making a character, a player may choose to join a Faction set in the OPEN status, or be recruited by a Faction Emissary. If a player does not join a Faction, or become Factionless later in their journey, they are considered a Lone Wolf until they join a Faction. If a character ever leaves a Faction, they forfeit any prior Faction benefits for the Lone Wolf benefits, and vice versa.   Players may only pledge their allegiance to one Faction at a time. To change Factions, the player must properly leave their current Faction. This involves notifying the current Faction Leader and an Erenel moderator. If a player does not uphold the Factions goals, they may be removed against their will with a Removal Vote. During a Removal Vote, all Factions members may vote except the player being vote on. If 2/3 of the Faction vote for removal, the player is forced to leave.

Faction Benefits

Being in a Faction grants the Player starting equipment and character bonuses, plus roleplay and adventure opportunities. Individual Faction benefits will be detailed on each Faction's article.   Starting Equipment. Provided only to players who join at Character Creation. When accepting Faction starting equipment you forfeit background starting equipment.   Character Bonuses. Provided for players at certain Faction levels. Factions follow a leveling system similar to character advancement.   Discord Channel. A Faction only channel in Discord to privately speak with members of the Faction with accompanying Discord Rank.   Faction Adventures. Ability to sign up for Faction specific adventures or fight for your Faction in Warfare or World Events. Factions may choose who they wish to send on adventures.  

Lone Wolf Benefits

Being a Lone Wolf grants the Player starting equipment and character bonuses but restricts a Player from benefits that Factions provide. When becoming a Lone Wolf at level 1, you gain the following benefits and equipment along with their classes starting equipment.   Skill Proficiencies: Insight, Survival   Tool Proficiencies: One Artisan's Tool of your choice.   Language: One standard language of your choice.   Starting Equipment: Traveler's clothes, 1-slot satchel, pouch with 15 gold.   As a Lone Wolf, you gain the following benefit. The following bonus is lost when joining a faction and regained if you are factionless at any time.   Character Bonuses. One extra Downtime Day awarded each Weekly Update.


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Faction Roles

After character creation at the start of Living Erenel, and subsequently, when new Factions are available, Faction Officials are elected. Players pledge themselves to the Faction over the pledge period, typically 3 days after the official announcement.   After the pledge process, players may begin roleplaying in Discord to determine if they want to campaign for an elected position. It is up to the members of the Faction to vote for their officials, but an Erenel moderator must be present to oversee the election. Elections will also be held when an elected official steps down or dies in-game. If an Erenel moderator determines an elected official abused their power out of character, they will be removed from their position immediately.   The following positions will be held by Players and represent important responsibilities and political influence. If at any time the Faction believes an elected official is not performing at the best of their ability, Faction members may call for a replacement vote. During a replacement vote, all Faction members may vote, except the elected official being voted on. If 2/3 of the Faction vote for removal, the elected official is forced to step down, and the position reopens.

Faction Leader

The Faction leader is the strongest form of leadership in the Faction and has many essential responsibilities. They may choose their Faction Leader title. (King, Emperor, Warchief, etc.)   Represents the Faction in service to promote the goals of the Faction and holds other elected officials accountable. Leaders set the Faction Statuses such as open or closed recruitment, going to war with a faction, sending aid in major World Events, etc. Faction Leaders also decide how to spend Faction Downtime.


Quartermaster's manage the Factions inventory by accepting loot from Faction members and distributing loot requests. If it up to the Quartermaster on how to interact with Faction members to disperse bank loot. The Quartermaster is also responsible for monitoring items and avoiding discrepancies. Falsifying loot in Living Erenel is a bannable offense.


Emissaries are Faction Members sent on diplomatic missions with other Factions. Emissaries are the public face of their Faction, brokering peace deals, recruiting new members, and other acts of diplomacy. The amount of Emissaries a faction may have at one time is dependant upon the total number of players in a Faction. One Emissary per ten Faction members.

Faction Status

The Faction Leader may set the following statuses by notifying the Gamingbrew Discord in #faction-status  


The Faction is open for players during character creation.  


Only emissaries may recruit players during character creation.  


The Faction enjoys peace and prosperity.  


When without a faction leader, a faction is set to unrest by an Erenel moderator. To remove UNREST, a Faction Leader must be present.   A faction is given the UNREST status if a Faction fails three faction missions in a row. To remove UNREST, a Faction must successfully complete a mission or pay a large gold sum to a Capital City (Erenel Moderator) for assistance. While in UNREST, a Faction does not receive Downtime Days.   If the Faction is set to UNREST for two-weeks, the Faction faces annihilation. After two-weeks, a Faction has three days to rectify their UNREST status or the Faction is destroyed.


Factions may go to war with one another or with a World Event threat. Only a Faction Leader may declare war, delivered by their Emissary. War may mean PVP against another Faction or the availability of a difficult adventure to protect Erenel. While at war, a Faction is unable to use Downtime.


Renown is a Faction specific progression system used to advance the Faction's level. Players also earn benefits based on their total Renown in the Faction, in the form of Faction Boons. Both the Faction's Boons and Faction Level benefits will be detailed on each Faction's article. A Faction's level is determined by the total Renown of each member in the Faction.   For example, if the Faction has 5 members and each member has 2 Renown, the Faction is level 10.   If a Faction member leaves a Faction, their Renown is removed from the Faction's total. This can cause a Faction to lose levels and benefits! However, the Player also loses ALL Renown. When joining a new Faction, the Player's Renown begins again at 0.   Renown can be earned in two ways. Completing Faction Adventures or by a Faction Leader using a Faction's Downtime for Advancement. During Faction Downtime Advancement, all Players may use downtime alongside the Faction to gain Renown.   Renown acts as an incentive to motivate players to remain in a Faction, and for Factions to recruit and include players. A large, high spirited membership correlates into a more powerful and influential Faction!

Faction Agenda

The Faction Agenda is set by the Faction Leader, after discussion with Faction Members, and serves as a goal the faction wishes to complete. Faction Adventures are designed by Dungeon Masters and based around the Faction Agenda at the time. If a faction does not have an agenda set, no faction adventures will be prepared for the faction by Dungeon Masters.   Faction adventures will not happen each week and are instead spread throughout an Erenel Season. It is advised to choose an agenda at the start of a Season and refrain from constantly changing.   To qualify for a Faction Adventure, a Faction must be at a minimum of Renown 20. This does not guarantee an adventure upon reaching Renown 20. Faction Agendas are displayed on each individual faction article and in the Discord faction status channel. The spies of other factions proudly tell all that your faction wishes to accomplish until the faction has unlocked a means to hide their Agenda by unlocking an outpost. Even then, Factions may choose to proudly announce their Agenda if they wish.


A Guild is a party of adventurers similar to a typical TTRPG group who share a common bond or wish to make a name for themselves together. A Player can belong to both a Faction and a Guild, allowing Guilds to be made up of members from different Factions and Lone Wolfs. Guilds allow players to “group” and make a name for themselves in Role Playing but do not offer any bonuses except for the ability to purchase a Guild Hall.
  A Guild must meet the following guidelines.
  • Minimum of three members
  • Maximum of six members
  • Minimum character level of three
If a Guild earns enough recognition, the Guild can become its own Faction in Living Erenel! To ascend into Factionhood, the Guild needs to meet the following recruitments.
  • Six total members in the Guild
  • Guild Hall purchased (details soon)
  • 2,000 GP paid per person to a Capital City. (Erenel Moderator)
  • All six members must be a Lone Wolf
  • A description of what the Faction represents. (Faction Goals and Tenets)

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