Ulkadia Equipment Expanded

Expanding Mundane Equipment
As we further explore the many unique Erenel Kingdoms, equipment options, armor, and weapon offerings will grow! The intention is to provide a variety of new and exciting items, not overshadow equipment already in-game.   New weapon and armor properties are available with the ultimate goal of adding diversity to your table.   As a Dungeon Master, feel free to allow the provided options without unique properties if you wish. However, all item properties are designed to adhere to the design philosophy of 5E and have been playtested.
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The blacksmiths, woodcarvers, and traders found in the five great cities of Ulkadia reflect the nation's culture. A technique first taught by the Ashard Dragon Flight and perfected by the Forge Dwarfs; the Ulkadians craft their native weapons primarily from an enhanced Bronze alloy. But make no mistake, Ulkadian Bronze is as strong as it is alluring on a shield or sword.   To be an Ulkadian warrior is to master the art of the shield. Thousands of soldiers have trained in the Phalanx battle formation, a highly disciplined and effective tool of war. Equipped with a shield and unencumbered armor, Ulkadians fight as a unit, locking shields together in this defensive formation.   Ulkadians also wield a handful of unique weapons, which can typically be purchased at any blacksmith shop in the five great cities. Spears and tridents are common amongst the militia, but the Kopis and Chakram have gained ground after being popularized by arena fighters in the Great Games.


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Rules to Remember

With the introduction of new weapon and armor properties, a friendly clarification and reminder on specific rules.
  • You can benefit from only one shield a time.
  • Bleed does not take effect if you only damage temporary hit points.
  • Reinforced does not stack.
  • Parry provides AC on one attack, not all attacks, at the cost of a Reaction.
by Matt Gaser

Armor and Shields

Scaled Armor

Popular among the Ulkadia infantry, Scaled Armor is well fitted in the chest with leather tassets that hang below the waist. Scaled armor is molded with hardened scales for extra protection.

Bronze Cuirass

Breastplate made of Ulkadian Bronze and held together by leather straps. This armor provides protection while leaving the wearer relatively unencumbered.

Forge Dwarf Plate

Crafted from Ulkadian Bronze by the passionate Forge Dwarfs, this plate armor is much heavier than standard plate. but is reinforced to provide extra protection to the shoulders, neck and chest.


A small rounded shield strapped to the forearm and hand by leather straps. The Buckler can help to block incoming melee attacks if the wielder can react quickly but due to it's size, doesn't offer much protection in combat.


Larger than the Buckler, the Targe is strapped to the forearm by leather straps. Unlike the Buckler, you may still use your hand to perform somatic spells, or wield a light melee weapon.

Tower Shield

The enormous Tower Shield may be wielded only by those strong enough to handle the shields immense weight. Reinforced by Ulkadian Bronze, the Tower Shield provides protection unlike any other shield in Erenel.



A bladed disc which also serves as a unique throwing weapon. The Chakram can be thrown in such a way that it returns to the wielder if the attack misses.

Dory Spear

Wooden spears carved to be much longer than a normal spear, the Dory typically end in a sharp Ulkadian Bronze tip.


This Ulkadian Bronze short sword is forged with a curved blade causing successful strikes to deeply serrate those unlucky enough to be struck.

War Trident

The War Trident is forged entirely from Ulkadian Bronze resulting in a much heavier version, requiring two hands to properly wield.

Whistling Sling

The Whistling Sling earned its name by the sound projectiles make upon release. This modified leather sling can launch projectiles at an increased speed but takes longer to seat ammunition properly.

Special Properties


After successfully dealing damage to the hit points of a creature that has blood, apply 1 stack of the bleed condition. For each stack of the bleed condition, the bleeding creature takes 1 damage at the start of their turn. The bleed condition can stack up to a total of (5) stacks.   Multiple bleed conditions cannot be placed on the same target, but stack together. All stacks are removed when the bleeding target receives any healing, or after a successful Medicine skill check.   Medicine skill check DC = 8 + total bleed stacks.  


When you make a ranged attack with this weapon and miss, the weapon returns to your hand.


When a creature you can see attacks you with a melee attack, you can use your reaction to parry the attack. Add half your proficiency bonus (rounded down) to your AC for one melee attack that would hit.


When an attack would score a critical hit against you, the attack must be rolled again against your AC with the same modifiers as the previous critical hit. If the rerolled attack hits, the critical hit is confirmed. If the rerolled attack missed, the critical hit instead becomes a normal hit.  

Weapons and Armor Tables

Ulkadian Armor and Shields

Armor Cost Armor Class (AC) Strength Stealth Weight Properties
Light Armor
Scaled Leather 50 gp 13 + Dex modifier - Disadvantage 15 lb. -
Medium Armor
Bronze Cuirass 400 gp 14 + Dex modifier (max 3) - Disadvantage 30 lb. -
Heavy Armor
Forge Dwarf Plate 2,000 gp 18 Str 17 Disadvantage 80 lb. Reinforced
Buckler 8 gp - - - 3 lb. Parry
Targe 10 gp 1 - - 5 lb. Special
Tower Shield 200 gp 3 Str 15 Disadvantage 40 lb. Reinforced

Ulkadian Weapons

Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Martial Melee Weapons
Chakram 10 gp 1d6 slashing 2 lb. Boomerang, finesse, thrown (20/60)
Dory Spear 15 gp 1d8 piercing 4 lb. Reach, versatile (1d10)
Kopis 25 gp 1d6 slashing 5 lb. Bleed, light
War Trident 30 gp 1d12 piercing 12 lb. Heavy, two-handed
Martial Ranged Weapon
Whistling Sling 20 gp 1d10 bludgeoning 1 lb. Ammunition (45/120), loading

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