The Fallen Elf

Al'Madoon expects everyone to kneel before his power. Only He Who Would Not Bow stood defiantly as with his great wisdom, Elturel understood that freedom is an illusion. We must follow the Lord Below as it is through his determination that we will force the shackles off and remove the Mad Creator’s gaze.

Divine Domains

Death, Knowledge, Trickery

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Crown of Thorns or a Whip made of Thorns

Tenets of Faith


  The Truth: Elturel is the One True God. All must bow before the might of He Who Would Not Bow, and all must pay tribute. The name of Elturel is sacred on the lips of the righteous.   Bow to No One: Freedom is an illusion designed to keep the weak asleep. Only service elevates one to a holy state. Serve and be enlightened as through the will of Elturel, will I find salvation.   Revenge is Bliss: Never forget those who have betrayed you, and offer your rage as a sacrifice.  


  Administer Your Will: Dominate the weak and show them redemption through harsh service. Turn the very best over to the Lord Below. Those who can not, or will not, submit to the strong, should be destroyed.   Fulfill Your Needs: Remain alert and seize power when weakness is present, for to take what you desire, is divine. The strong should take what they need, as is the way of nature.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

To enact revenge on Al'Madoon.   To banish Matron of Ravens from The Below.


Contacts & Relations

Sects & Cults


The Chain

The Chain are clerics of Elturel. They speak Abyssal while in public and are always armed with whips and barbed whips, as well as toothed long daggers. Some carry "mancatchers", which are long poles with a loop at the end to encircle the neck and force submission and movement.   They all display some kind of chain on their persons, and all carry shackles and manacles, almost as jewelry. The slaves of the Chain are tattooed with a holy glyph (a barcode) on their foreheads, and they are mindwiped making them near-mindless autonomatons. The slaves are typically rented out for labor or sold for sacrifice, but most are kept as a sign of status within the Faith. The more slaves that are owned, the more pious the individual is seen to be.    

The Hanged Men

The Hanged Men are small clergy scattered across Erenel. They wear green robes with a hangman's noose as a symbol in black. They are each armed with a variety of weapons, but all of them, without fail, carry a hangman's noose. Apostates and heathens are hanged with these to ensure the sacrifice reaches Elturel.   The Oathborn keep extensive records of vendettas and feuds, and can speak at expert length about the histories of these long-standing hostilities. The Hanged Men also have the ability to sense when someone is filled with the right combination of rage and determination that creates Vengeance in the mind - a pure will dedicated to a single aim. They often aid these people if they can find them in time.   On Holidays, the temple leader called "The Righteous Tree" (a huge hoary oak become a Hangman Tree that is possessed by the Avatar of Elturel himself for a short time) who creates The Revenged, from clergy sacrifices to the Holy Noose.

Divine Classification
Current Location
The Below
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lord Below, He Who Would Not Bow

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