Dragonforge Tools

The following ruleset allows Living Erenel players to harvest slain dragons for powerful materials and dangerous mutations!
Dragonforge tools are incredibly durable tools explicitly made to harvest the remains of slain dragonkin. Harvesting a dragon takes a set amount of time, depending upon the dragon’s challenge rating. The dragon MUST be harvested within 4 hours (during an adventure) or become unharvestable.   While harvesting, a player can choose what specific parts to harvest from the exotic material list below. Dragonforge tools take into account the amount of wear and tear it takes to slay a dragon!   The higher a dragon’s challenge rating coincides with additional materials harvested. However, you cannot duplicate choices when harvesting from the same dragon. If the harvest is interrupted for any reason, a player only receives half of the total materials and items (rounded down, minimum of 1).
  Example: Slaying a CR 12 dragon will let you pick three items from the exotic material list below. If you choose Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Bone and Dragon's Heart, you'll harvest two Dragon's bone, two Dragon's Blood and two helpings of Dragon's Heart.
Near Death Table
This table is the last chance to cheat death, but not without constantly being reminded of your near death experience.   The only way to undo the traumatic experience is with a Wish spell.   Near Death Table  
  • Proficiency required to harvest dragons CR 0-10
  • Expertise required to harvest dragons 11-17+
  • Exotic Materials

    Dragon's Blood

    Does not spoil over time
    Allows you to drink dragon's blood, causing a chaotic mutation to occur. You can have two unique active mutations at a time, rerolling duplicates. Consuming dragon's blood while under the effects of a mutation overrides the earliest mutation. The dreaded Near Death Table (sidebar) cannot be removed in this way and will stack with more "Near Deaths".

    Dragon's Bone

    Does not spoil over time
    Allows you to modify simple and martial melee weapons. Weapons modified in this way can be mundane, masterwork or unnamed magical +1, +2, or +3.   Modifying a weapon takes (2) downtime days and does not cost any gold.   Each enhancement below costs 1 Dragon's Bone. If modifying weapons with the Versatile property, the one handed damage version is always used for upgrading or downgrading a damage die and the Verstaile property is removed.   When upgrading or downgrading damage die, the maximum a weapon can be increased to is d12 and the minimum is d4.  
  • Add weight to a weapon, giving a weapon the Heavy and Two-Handed property. The damage die of the weapon increases by 1. (Example 1d10 increases to 1d12)
  • Remove the Heavy property from a weapon. Reduce the weapons damage die by 1. (Example 1d10 decreases to 1d8).
  • Add the Light property to a weapon if the weapon does not have the Heavy or Two-Handed property. Reduce the weapons damage die by 1.
  • Coat a melee weapon in hardened dragons bone. Choose a new damage type for the weapon from the following: bludgeoning, piercing or slashing.
  • Dragon's Heart

    Must be consumed before the next Weekly Update or spoil.
    Take the ultimate risk and consume a Dragon's Heart. After harvesting, a player has the option to bring a heart to the Adventures' Guild to give or sell to another player. The heart must be consumed before the Weekly Update.   Dragon Heart Table
    Roll 1d10 Effect
    1 Instant death with no save
    2-5 Roll on the Near Death Table
    6-7 Gain the (FTD) Dragonborn racial breath weapon that shares the dragon’s ancestry.
    8-9 Gain the (FTD) Chromatic Warding feature that shares the dragon’s ancestry.
    10 Gain a new Feat of your choice

    Dragon's Scale

    Does not spoil over time
    Allows you to modify armor. Armor modified in this way can be mundane, masterwork or unnamed magical +1, +2 or +3. Armor can have a maximum of one of each property from the choice below. Shields cannot be modified at this time.   Modifying armor takes (2) downtime days and does not cost any gold.  
  • Add the Weighted property to a set of armor. If an effect moves you against your will, you can use your reaction to hold your ground.
  • Add the Spiked property to a set of armor. Attackers that hit you with unarmed strikes, natural weapons, or end their turn grappling you gain 1 stack of Bleed, per the Bleed property.
  • Gain resistance to the element that matches the harvested dragon's scale. Adding additional dragon scales to a set of armor destroys any prior scale resistances.
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