Calendar of Oriax

The Calendar of Oriax is the current agreed upon calendar used by the common races of Erenel. Introduced by Oriax the Watcher before achieving his deity status, the Calendar year runs 365 days over the course of twelve months.      

Additional Information

  • When telling the date you say the day first followed by the month and year. For example; the 12th of Cirosus 623 or Thanarya the 12th of Cirosus 623.
  • Erenel’s only moon, Luniwyn, makes one full rotation every 16 days.
  • There are two known Eras; Era of the Architects (EotA) and Era of the Bonded One (EoBO).
  • The current era EoBO represents the bonding with years counted forward. There is no year zero. For example, the last year of EotB is the year -1 and the first year of EoBO is 1.


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