Shattered Divinity

Welcome to Shattered Divinity, a living world campaign that draws similarities to a West Marches-style sandbox. If you’re unsure what a West Marches game is, please read the excellent article by Ben Robbins or watch Matt Colvilles West Marches video!

What is Shattered Divinity

Welcome adventurer. Prepare yourself and dive into Shattered Divinity, a Living World experience in the Gamingbrew Discord.  
What sets Shattered Divinity apart from traditional campaigns?
  • There are no regular scheduled game times. Form a group and play when your schedule allows it.
  • The players determine the direction of the game. You're in the driver's seat.
  • There is no set party. Play with friends and meet new players as you explore Erenel.
  • A greater emphasis on exploration and dungeon crawls!
  • Joining Shattered Divinity

    Players of all experience levels are welcome. Shattered Divinity is free to join with the only cost associated with additional player options thru the Gamingbrew Patron (classes, races, subclasses). For more information on available player options, visit SD Character Creation. Use the form below to sign up!

    Player Sign Up: OPEN


    Character Creation

    SD Character Creation
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    Game With Us!

    Join a large scale community TTRPG experience in the Erenel Fictional Universe!    
    Shattered Divinity is played using FoundryVTT. Check out this amazing guide if you're new to FoundryVTT.

    How does Shattered Divinity Work?

    There is No Regular Play Time!

    Every session is scheduled by the players. Explore the town of Ravenspur for notice board quests, rumors and clues, then use the #group-up channel on Discord to assemble a party. Several session slots are available weekly, highlighted every other week during the Shattered Divinity Update live stream.

    There is No Set Party

    Each session could have different players drawn from the Shattered Divinity playerbase. Players can and should share information found on their journeys. If a group finds a dungeon and clears it, the dungeon will continue to exist if another group stumbles upon it. The dungeon could be empty, or new threats may have moved in!

    There is an Emerging Narrative

    Shattered Divinity does not have a preset “campaign plot”; instead, the story is told through player actions … and the corresponding consequences. You may take up a notice board quest that leads to buried treasure guarded by ancient script. The ancient script could tell of a ziggaurat holding dark power. Some players may wish to open the ziggaurat and vanquish what lies inside; others may want to keep the ziggaurant closed, fearing what could be unleashed!

    The World is Alive and Dangerous

    Inside the walls of Ravenspur, players are safe from all outside threats. Ravenspur exists in a 24/7 FoundryVTT game, where players can log in to access their character sheets, collect supplies, visit a tavern for information, and relax. Every session begins inside Ravenspur, and adventurers who survive their session will end back in town, usually over drinks!   Once you leave the city walls, you are at the mercy of the untamed lands of Talon Heights. While the borders are clearly defined, it has been generations since the last survey, meaning maps of the region are outdated at best. There are dangers around every bend, both above and below ground – plus, the further you are from town, the higher the threat level.   To make matters worse (or better), an enormous mega dungeon lies below the surface. This colossal 400-room dungeon has multiple entrances to discover, with rooms that can range anywhere from CR 1 to CR 18.   If you stumble upon something beyond your current level, make a note and come back! Monsters and loot will still be there weeks later. Unless another group claims it for themselves!
    by Dean Spencer

    In Shattered Divinity Players Can


    Delve into the Labyrinth

    Explore the legendary Labyrinth, a colossal 400-room dungeon. This authentic old-school dungeon crawl experience is filled with treasure, unscaled encounters, traps, and lore. The Labyrinth holds great wealth, player experience and unforgiving dangers.

    Explore Talon Heights

    Travel the lands between Ravenspur and the Kingdom of Arridor in a traditional hex-crawl. Visit the Smokestone Mine, Barrows of the Colossus, the Field of Nightmares, Ruins of the Summer Palace and more. There’s a ton to find in the region and a lot going on, if you pay attention!

    Accept a Notice Board Job

    Players looking for a more traditional one-shot can take a job from the Notice Board and assemble a group to tackle their quest. Notice Board jobs are great to earn quick gold, player experience and help provide direction in a sandbox world.

    Update Live Stream and Scheduling

    Brews will host a live stream updating the Living World every other week. During this live stream, which is recapped in the #sd-update Discord Channel, players will learn what has changed in Ravenspur and upcoming session slots to schedule games.  

    Session slots

  • Time slots for players to assemble a party and adventure using the #group-up channel. Session slots can change week to week, with Brews doing his best to offer gaming opportunities for everyone.
  • A session slot look like the following example: Tuesday, Sept 20th 12:00 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST. Players can build a group and schedule a start time anywhere between the 12-9 slot, with the game lasting 3 hours.
  • Only one game per session slot! Unfilled session slots are removed 48 hours before start time.
  • Minimum of 4 players, maximum of 5 players per session. Players can play in multiple sessions per Live Stream Update, but will be asked to step out if a player has not yet played a game between updates.
  • Games are streamed on the Gamingbrew Twitch for other to players to follow along with the adventures!
  • Ravenspur updates can include

  • New NPCs. NPCs can offer mundane items, magic items, quests, knowledge of unexplored areas, and shady dealings.
  • Town Expansion. As players push back the wilderness outside Ravenspur, the city can expand, offering new buildings to explore.
  • Unexpected Events. Players interactions in Talon Heights can lead to unexpected consequences. Plus, weather patterns, holiday events, raids and more!
  • by Dean Spencer

    Help One Another

    When not exploring, all players spend their time in the town of Ravenspur. Players are encouraged to create “session reports” and post them in the #session-report channel in Discord.   Shattered Divinity is a living world; one party may find a locked door hidden behind a strange language, while another party could know the secret phrase to unlock it.   Brews DOES NOT provide a map of where players travel. As a player base, it’s up to you to create your own maps, working together to map out the landscape to find treasures, magical items, and new threats to tackle.   To make this more enticing, players who contribute high-quality “session reports” begin their next session with Inspiration and possibly more rewards.   Multiple players are welcome to submit “session reports” from the same game. Each character will have their own perspective.   All “session reports” should be done in character!
    by Dean Spencer

    Form a Guild

    Once the player base locates and helps a Guild Master NPC in Talon Heights or a Guild Master finds their way to Ravenspur, players can begin to form guilds. After signing a guild charter with other players, a guild is approved and offers the following benefits.  
  • Private Guild text channel.
  • Unlock the ability to create a fort in Talon Heights. After building a fort, you can return to your fort instead of being forced to return to Ravenspur at the end of a session.
  • Players can also stay at a guild fort instead of returning to Ravenspur but must come to an agreement with the guild to do so!

  • Beware! Forts in hazardous areas may come under attack and require defending. Rules when forming a guild are dependant on the Guild Master NPC!

    Character Progression

    Shattered Divinity uses experience milestones for character progression. Experience is predominantly earned by participating in live play sessions, though players may also gain experience from other events announced during the Shattered Divinity Update live stream.   Sessions that run for a minimum of 3 hours are eligible for player experience. Although rare, sessions that run for a minimum of 6 hours are eligible for double rewards. Experience is awarded at the end of a session.  

    Level Range

    Over time, players will have a range of levels. To help ensure players are of a similar level for parties to readily form, a level range is in effect. A level range is a min and max level that all player characters reside within. At the game's launch, the level range is 1-4.   When a significant milestone is reached, typically the defeat of a challenging encounter or major discovery, the level range will increase by 1.   Players cannot exceed the level range until a significant milestone is complete. Players below the minimum level range are rewarded with enough experience to advance to the minimum level.


    Player versus player actions are not allowed during a session or in town, unless players enter the Underground Arena.


    A player can only have one character in Shattered Divinity at a time. They may retire a character, losing their character, to create a new character at the minimum level range. If a character is killed during a session, the party can perform a resurrection spell if they have the means to do so.   If not, the player must create a new character at the minimum level range. Any equipment is deemed lost unless surviving party members recover and return the equipment to Ravenspur.

    Discord Roleplaying

    Roleplaying in Shattered Divinity represents how your character engages the world between adventures and is one of the most considerable aspects of participated content. The ability to roleplay 24/7 in the Gamingbrew Discord is a fantastic part of being in Shattered Divinity!   In order to make roleplaying the most enjoyable experience possible for players, it is essential to be aware of the following information.  


    The following are important formatting rules and best practices when roleplaying in the Gamingbrew Discord. Gamingbrew moderators help facilitate and may delete your roleplay post if necessary.  
  • Change your nickname in the Gamingbrew Discord to (Character Name) Discord Name. Example: (Rylid) Gamingbrew. Rylid is the player character, and Gamingbrew is the Discord alias.
  • When speaking in character, use "quotation marks" or Bold. Bold can be done by placing two asteriks before and after your dialogue.
  • When describing an action or scene, use italics. Italics can be done by placing an asterisk before and after the action in Discord.
  • To quickly say something out of character, use (parentheses). Keep in mind, excessive out of character talk will be flagged by a moderator.
  • You can only be present in one roleplay channel at a time. To enter a roleplay channel, use in italics -(YOUR CHARACTER NAME) ENTERS-. If your character leaves one roleplay channel for another, use in italics -(YOUR CHARACTER NAME) EXITS-, so other roleplayers know you have left the area.
  • You only control your character when roleplaying. For example, if you attempt to persuade a character, the character decides if you were persuasive. You can also make a dice role if you wish.
  • by Dean Spencer
  • Be courteous. If players are roleplaying a scene together in a channel, wait until they have finished before beginning your scene.
  • Discord tagging a player during roleplay is acceptable and recommended, unless the player asks you to not tag them.

  • Player Behavior and Disciplinary Actions

    The etiquette below outlines our expectations of everyone in the community. Violations of these rules will result in Moderator action. Brews reserves the right to remove any user, at any time, for any reason.  
  • Be excellent to each other. We are all here to have fun. Lift those around you, and don’t be a dick.
  • No offensive material. No hate speech or pornographic content of any kind will be permitted. Also, please avoid topics such as real-life politics. We are here to escape the outside world.
  • Harassment is not tolerated. If someone makes you uncomfortable for any reason, please DM a moderator immediately.
  • No Spam. Text walling and spamming do not contribute to the community.

  • We are a fair and open community, but there may be situations not covered by the rules or times when a rule may not fit the situation. If this happens, rule-breaking will be looked at on a case by case basis. Moderators are trusted to handle the situation appropriately.

    Adventuring Behaviors

  • Cheating, lying to a Dungeon Master, arguing with a ruling, or promoting an unhealthy atmosphere will result in disciplinary action.
  • A player who no shows a game and doesn’t provide a warning of at least 30 minutes before the session will receive a warning. If another no show occurs following a warning, the player will be removed from Shattered Divinity.
  • Players have a 10-minute late window before the Dungeon Master will begin the session or attempt to replace the player. If you’re running late, let the Dungeon Master know.
  • If you die on an adventure, players in the adventure may attempt to resurrect you. If the resurrection is unsuccessful, don’t worry, death comes for us all. You’ll create a new character.
  • During an Adventure, if you break the Behavior Rules outlined in Discord, you will be subject to disciplinary action. This applies to all Players and Dungeon Masters.

  • Erenel Dungeon Masters do their best to include everyone who wants to adventure. Still, unfortunately, not everyone will be able to adventure each week. We will do our best to include as many players as possible.

    Prohibited Roleplay Conduct

    The roleplaying actions below are prohibited and are considered a bannable offense. While the subject matter exists outside of the game, we're here to have a great time.  
  • Sexual Harassment. You will not sexually harass or assault another character, regardless of the other character's consent. Romance, marriage, and less egregious actions are permitted, but being overly erotic will result in moderator action.
  • Suicide. You cannot commit or threaten suicide. Self-sacrifice in-game to save the party does not qualify as suicide.
  • Torture. You cannot graphically torture another npc or player character physically or mentally.

  • If you ever feel uncomfortable by another player's roleplaying, speak to a moderator immediately.

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