Return of Jotakent

The eldest Primal Deity created by Al'Madoon, the Architect, Ødger, watched over Aymara the Foremother diligently and was first to rush into the fray in her protection. Over the centuries, his might proved more than enough to handle her watch, and he grew bored. To amuse himself, he began to make a game while in battle.   How many could he crush in one blow? How quickly could he quell this attack compared to the last? Constantly putting his strength to the test in competition, he grew stronger. Countless attackers fell under his claws, the mightiest being an army of giants, created by and infused with power of the Elemental Lords in the four elemental planes. The Elemental Lords were furious with Al’Madoon for his abandonment and sought to destroy Aymara, the Foremother.   Ødger, the Storm Claw carved through the giant army, ultimately engaging the Storm Giant commander, Jotakent. Jotakent, wielder of the mace Fulmination, fought valiantly, and for the first time Ødger was struck in combat. Jotakent swung his artifact weapon in defense as Ødger’s right paw bore down upon him, breaking the two left claws before meeting his demise. After defeating the giant assault and furious with the Elemental Lords, Ødger swallowed the remains of every giant that fell under his claw, including Jotakent. With a loud burp, he exhaled a lightning bolt and grinned. By consuming the giants empowered by the elemental lords, Ødger absorbed a portion of their essence, empowering him as a speaker to the elements.   After the Great Sacrifice, the new lord of storms would focus his attention on the Elemental Lords responsible for his broken claw. Those deemed worthy by Ødger join him in their afterlife to fight alongside the Storm Claw in a never-ending war against the Elemental Lords.

The Return of Jotakent

Following his defeat at the hands of the Storm Claw, Jotakent's soul drifted into the Ethereal Plane. Free of the guilt from the Elemental Lords, Jotakent waited patiently to stand before Bedoma, the Deliverer and face her judgment in the afterlife.   Over time, Jotakent began to notice; his soul was not like those before him. The chaos of his being seemed to repel souls caught in the ethereal plane. He heard no call from the Last Guide as the others did. The Storm Giant Commander was forgotten.   In the Ethereal Plane but not a part of its purpose, Jotakent began to find others under the same condition. With no path for an afterlife and unending time, the Storm Giant would learn how to harness a new power in limbo. The chaos of their creation was not meant for a Primal Deities judgment, but he could consume the souls of the dead waiting to pass into their afterlife. As his power grew, his ambition followed.   The now Storm Titan searches for a way to escape limbo and reclaim what Ødger has taken.


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