Hrólfr, the Ancient Wolf

People fear the Ancient Wolf because they do not understand Him. He is not some powerful force of Evil seeking to impose his will; that would be too simple. He is a being of Anger, and his power comes from the Anger that we mortals experience. Whenever you act on rage, you lend Him strength. Yet, this is not a bad thing; there is much abhorrence in the world that deserves the focus of our wrath.
— Eye of Oriax
Hrólfr is a Primal Deity and the god of Ambition, Betterment, Retribution, and Wrath. His opponents speak of him like a furious tyrant, but his ideal of Anger is often more of a scalpel than a bludgeon. Those who have laid eyes upon the Ancient Wolf and lived to tell the tale, describe him as a being of unquestionable presence, always interested in personal advancement.   Hrólfr is known to the mortal races primarily due to stories told of those who have gone to entreat him, begging for aid, power, or control over their destiny. The Ancient Wolf is known to grant these requests, but the price is rarely one that can be paid in full, at least initially.   Followers of Hrólfr are most often Caelian or Minotaur but not exclusive. Anyone who seeks to avoid complacency in life look to the Hungering Flame.

Divine Domains

Strength, Zeal

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Hrólfr is often symbolized with a flag coated in ash showing the wolf claw marks drawn in red or orange paint. The Caelian are known to magically heat metal and brand trees in this symbol, marking the domain of Hrólfr's followers.  


The clergy of Hrólfr are diverse in their practices, but there are a few common tenets they share and preach to their clans.

Anger with Action

Anger should not be allowed to sit and fester. Instead, use anger to motivate progress and reach your goals. Embracing the emotion, and allowing the opportunity to evaluate the merits of your wrath, help to prevent being overwhelmed by anger.

To Live is to Lead

Taking action is important, but guiding anger into action to reach a larger goal is ideal. When the abhorrent rise, followers with anger to action will lead those around them against the threat.

Wrath is Righteous

Even though blind rage can cause widespread destruction, the anger in your belly can spur action to solve problems. Anger should not be wielded recklessly, but it should be drawn upon. Like a hearth, fury can provide warmth and safety, but if left unchecked it will burn down the home.

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Hrólfr is a massive lupine creature with eyes of fire and fur that smolders in the dark, giving a silhouette of smoky ash. Steel like teeth gleams in the darkness when he speaks with a deep voice that carries like a whisper.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Hrólfr is one of seven primal deities, created by Al'Madoon to safeguard the Tree of Aymara during creation. He did so willingly until the Great Sacrifice reshaped Erenel. Following the sacrifice, Hrólfr ventured into the newly formed Trance: Plane of Eternal Glade, both from curiosity and the ever-burning need for growth. The hungering flame would carve his likeness into this new domain.   While in the Plane of Eternal Glade, Hrólfr began eradicating many of the lesser creatures to support a territory designed in his likeness. The untamed lands were burned away as he laid waste to fields and trees, eventually settling his new home, which became known as the Kingdom of Embers.   Overcome with grief by the destruction, Asanna found a way to subdue Hrólfr’s rage, tricking the Ancient One and binding him inside his Kingdom. The subdued wolf’s ear-splitting howls, full of wrath rang across the Trance, touching the Summer’s Dream and Winter’s Dream. Hrólfr’s howling rage took hold of the inhabitants of the Trance as they were overcome with anger, lashing out at each other in a coaxed rage. To quell Hrólfr’s fury, the mighty centaur warrior Sodok Taran, ventured into the Kingdom of Embers, driving his flaming greatsword through Hrólfr’s maw, silencing the tormented howl.   Thanks to the assistance of Magnus Darkshield and the Wolfheart Clan, Hrólfr has been freed of his bonds and roams Erenel once again. Sodok Taran's greatsword now lies shattered, ready to be reborn in service of the Hungering Flame.


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Divine Classification
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Hungering Flame, Wrath Incarnate
Quotes & Catchphrases
"Haegolae Haegolae Haegolae Wiju Bi Gojze"   Caelian dialect which translates to "Hail, Hail, Hail, I dedicate to the spear."
Wrath, Hatred Incarnate
Item | Sep 18, 2019

Hail. Hail. Hail. I dedicate the fire in my soul to the sword.

by Rasmus Berggreen

Class Options

Barbarian: Path of the Hungering Flame

All Barbarians possess an inner fury and call upon this anger in combat. However, those who follow the Path of the Hungering Flame worship Hrólfr, the Ancient Wolf. The deity of retribution and wrath lends his anger as an aid to those deemed worthy.
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Paladin: Oath of Burning Radiance

Oath of Burning Radiance Paladins follow the teachings of Hrólfr, the Ancient Wolf. Burning Radiance Paladin's seek out conflict as a means to improve themselves, channeling their anger to never become complacent in life.

What better motivation to grow and accomplish great things than to draw upon the anger and malicious other deities attempt to subdue.
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