Central Tonarian

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Since its inception in 113 EoIF, the Tonarian continent's central heartland has been dominated by the expansion of the Krovian Empire. Central Tonarian land is naturally bordered by the Tonarian Ocean to the west and Azure Bay to the east. South of the grasslands, the mighty Crestfallen Mountains divide the Krovian Empire from two prospering nations; the Five Roses of Bernick and the Ranquem Dynasty in the Scabbard Wastes. North of the grasslands, the war fields live up to their name and serve as the easiest path for marching warbands to wage war on the empire.


Krovian Empire
  • Ampetrios
  • Azure's Edge
  • Cadocia
  • Calvae Crossroads
  • Davensford
  • Dorogard
  • Gull Point
  • Krov, Crown of Tonarian
  • Lycan's Rest
  • Phaedras
  • Syrtavezi
  • Val'dore
  • Veluna
  • Vissari
  • Tonarian Bandit Lords
  • Crags
  • Hallorn
  • Stag Lords Keep
  • Geography

  • Azure Bay
  • Bandit Lands
  • Caracal Cliffs
  • Crestfallen Mountains
  • Gulf of Storms
  • Isabel’s Will
  • Rift Reach Forest
  • Tangled Lynx
  • Tonarian Grasslands
  • Tonarian Ocean
  • War Fields
  • Places of Interest

  • Leyborn Hold
  • Royal College
  • Zhost Landing
  • There is no dust of the hourglass in the blood of our people. No marks of weariness upon our faces. As was before and for generations to come, the Crown of Tonarian will illuminate prosperity for all citizens of the empire. — King Dominus III


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