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A brutal world has been reborn.   Awakening from his slumber, the Creator Al’Madoon saw the destruction and greed his favorite creation, the Elves, had brought to Erenel. To cleanse the corruption, Al’Madoon sacrificed his celestial being and bonded with the world, rescuing it from subjection forced upon all civilizations by Elturel the Fallen Elf.   In an instant, the surviving races opened their eyes for what felt like the first time. Those still alive found themselves next to crumbling kingdoms and broken landscapes, the knowledge of the previous world lost and the powerful elven ruling kingdoms destroyed.   It has been over 600 years since the Beginning of the Era of the Bonded One. Humans have effectively outgrown the other intelligent races settling kingdoms across every continent and are currently the most dominant species, but constant war and the hunt for powerful lost artifacts continue.


Dying Embers

Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (DnD5e)

A brutal world has been reborn. It has been over 600 years since the Beginning of the Era of the Bonded One. Constant war and the hunt to recover powerful lost artifacts continue.



  • Map of Erenel

    World Map of Erenel as of 623 EoBO

  • Map of Northern Wildwood

    The mighty oaks and elms of the Northern Wildwood provide to the many far-flung baronies connected by disused roads and the White Tusk Orcs of the North.

  • Map of Tonarian Grassland

    The continent Tonarian's vast heartland, framed by the Crestfallen Mountains, Azure Bay, and the Mistwood Timberlands, contains miles and miles of rolling hills, vast prairies, clear blue rivers, and fertile farmlands.

  • Map of Scabbard Wastes

    Large wasteland east of the Crestfallen Mountains and south of the Tonarian Grasslands.