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"The rarest mortal species within Eregost, Changelings are genderless, humanoid shapeshifters, capable of taking on the appearance of any other humanoid, either stealing an identity or creating their own original form and persona. Changelings rarely reveal their true nature, as they are often treated with mistrust and suspition, if not hatred and violence." ~ Ariston Unitis, Head Anthropologist of the Authenian Scientific Committee.

Basic Information


While changelings have the ability to look like whoever they want, they do have a true form.   Their skin tone is always pure white, and they tend to have slender lithe bodies, with limbs slightly longer in proportion to other humanoids. They have large eyes, with no whites in them. Eye colours range from amber yellow, to emerald green to a vibrant sapphire blue. The hair colour of a changeling is commonly a light shade of silver, followed by platinum and blonde. Changelings do not grow facial or body hair.   Changelings do not have genders. They appear very androgynous in their natural form, neither masculine or feminine.

Biological Traits

Changelings are capable of shifting their form with a mere thought, and can take the appearance of other people or create their own identity. As long as the form they wish to take has the same general skeletal structure, and are not significantly smaller or larger than them, they are able to take their form. This means that changelings cannot take the form of a centaur, goblin, halfing, giant or other such races.   Changelings can change their size with their shift of appearance, and while they can appear fatter, their weight will not change.   Changelings can create scars, birthmarks or burn wounds on their forms, but they cannot mimic clothing or piercings.

Genetics and Reproduction

Due to their lack of gender, changelings can reproduce with mortals of either gender, be it another changeling or any other race. Whenever a changeling is in a male form, they can impregnate a female of the race they are disguised as, and vice versa.   No matter if they are the mother or father of the child, the offspring is always another changeling.


Changelings are often soft spoken and prefer to keep a low profile. They rarely take passionate stances that would draw attention, and favour neutrality in any debate where both sides are morally grey.   Changelings tend to favour the side of caution, rarely taking risks unless the reward is ten times the danger. They rarely enjoy confrontation, preferring to solve their problems with persuasion and stealth.   Due to their lack of personal culture, changelings are very curious about other races. They quickly adapt to the culture and customs of each civilization they intergrate themselves in. Some changelings become adventurers so that they can travel across Eregost and learn about the different customs and ideals of each community.   Most changelings have an inborn, intense fear of being exposed. Because of this, changing form in public or doing anything careless is almost seen as the worst mistake possible.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Changelings rarely live in groups, preferring to spread out and integrate themselves into communities. Changelings typically only keep in contact with others of their race if they are familiy members, and even then it can be a coinflip.

Average Intelligence

Changelings are known for their open minds and adaptablity, allowing them to adopt customs and absord culture with ease. Changelings can easily assimilate any culture they come into contact with, helping them mimic the behaviour of those they are in contact with.   Changelings tend to be rather intelligent, due to their natural gift at learning the customs of others. They can easily adopt the mindsets of those around them, giving them an easier time getting into the mind of an engineer, philosopher or mage.

Civilization and Culture

Beauty Ideals

Due to their ability to change their appearance, changelings are the least superficial race in Eregost, seeing both appearance and gender as mostly meaningless. To a changeling, the only thing their appearance is to them is their chosen identity.

Gender Ideals

Changelings typically adopt the gender roles of whatever society they have currently integrated themselves into, as they have no true gender of their own. Changelings are typically happy to change genders at will with no identification with either, though some do grow attached to the gender of their current identity.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Changelings have no true culture of their own, and instead take the cultural identity of whatever community they are currently part of. Those within the Venatorian Empire typically enjoy organization and order. Those within the Authenian Republic favour the free exchange of ideas and opinions. And those within the Ceilic Region tend to like their personal freedoms.


For as long as history has been recorded, changelings have been feared. The ability to deceive others about even their appearance ensured that ancient civilizations grew to demonize changelings, viewing them more as monsters than people.   The Order of the Broken Mask is a group of knights that was founded over eight hundred years ago, with the soul function of exterminating changelings.   Due to centuries of mistrust and genocide, changelings are now the rarest of the mortal races of Eregost. The anthopologists of the ASC have offered free accamodation and care for all changelings, as they fear that within one hundred years, changelings may become extinct.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Those within the Venatorian Empire treat changelings with mistrust and and inhospitality. They see changelings as potential theives, spies and assassins. They are viewed as a risk to national security, and are rarely welcomed.   The Clans of the Ceilic Region are in awe at the abilities of changelings, seeing them as incredibly gifted beings. While Clan Spartach disliked changelings due to their gift in subterfuge and Clan Laoc hates how easily one could infiltrate their forces, every Ceilic Clan respects strength and power, and they could not help but acknowledge the extraordinary gift that changelings have.   Those within the Authenian Republic see changelings as tragic figures, an endangered species brought to the brink by those who feared their capabilities. Changelings are much more likely to experience sympathy for their condition in the Authenian Republic than any other place in Eregost.
100 years.
Average Height
1.6 - 2.0 meters.
Average Weight
50 - 65 kg.
Average Physique
Changelings are rather slim and lithe. They are typically agile and flexible due to this, though there are exceptions.

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