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Ratten (Rah-ten)

The Ratten are a humanoid species that bear resemblance to rats. They stand on average three to four feet tall and possess prehensile tails; though the largest Ratten ever recorded, Devon Halton, was 6 foot 3 inches. Their teeth constantly grow so they are often found chewing on something to wear their teeth back down such as rocks or wood. They are exceptionally nimble and are able to squeeze through tight spaces that would seem impossible for a creature of their size. Their claws also allow them to scale brick and cement walls with ease, and there are many instances of Ratten surviving falls of 50 ft. with out sustaining injuries.   Ratten are very family oriented with clans sticking together even after a child reaches adult hood (15 years). Clans can be in upwards of 200 or more Ratten living in close-knit communities, often with a matriarch at the head. Ratten also are very promiscuous, reaching sexual maturity after only 5 years of life and females only become infertile after approximately 60 years. Most clans impose strict population control, with the Matriarch deciding if a couple will be allowed to produce offspring.   Ratten are also very clever, having a seemingly innate understand of mechanical technology. Many Ratten have become major inventors, most notable being Rudyard Grimjaw, inventor of the Grimjaw engine which is a smaller and more efficient diesel engine that is used to power most modern airplanes and airships. It is not uncommon to see Ratten working as engineers, gunsmiths, and mechanics.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

They are omnivores which means they will eat both plants and animals as a primary food source. They prefer meats, eggs, fish, flour, fruits, vegetables, seeds, and grains

Additional Information

Average Intelligence

Very intelligent

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Ratten tend to take on the names of the surrounding culture, but many ancient Ratten names still survive to this day (mostly as clan names but there are exceptions), such as Grimjaw, Emberflayer, Tuskmaul, and Skyfingers.

Beauty Ideals

Ratten are very clean people despite unsavory rumors about them. They constantly groom themselves and comb/brush their fur. Ratten use pheromones to communicate quietly with their peers, and it is necessary to remain clean to maintain this form of communication.

Gender Ideals

Ratten culture is mostly egalitarian as it is expected for both sexes participate in raising children, doing chores, working, etc. The Matriarch is the leader of the clan and does make most of the over arching decisions, but will take council from any of her clanmates.

Historical Figures

  • Devon Halten (Tallest Ratten)
  • Rudyard Grimjaw (Inventor of the Grimjaw Drive)
  • Charlie Flanagan (Matriarch of Clan Flanagan) 
Scientific Name
Rattus Sapien
80 years
Average Height
3-4 feet
Average Length
6-8 feet (including tail)

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