The Red House - ground floor

The red house is a well decorated house, beautifully crafted from the finest craftsmanship.


The iron gate outside shrieks and complains loudly when the gate is opened. 2 unlit oil lamps flank a set of solid oaken doors that open into a grand foyer. Hanging on the wall you see a shield emblazoned with a red field, flanked by 2 frames of people. The man appears to be wearing a smooth red suit, and a red bonnet on top of his head. The woman is wearing a black lace dress.    

Main Hall

The main hall runs the width of the house, with a black marble fireplace at one end and a wide, red marble staircase at the other end. Mounted on the wall above the fireplace is a large sword and shield, with a windmill worked into the hilt. Flanked on either side is an ornately decorated vase with wilted flowers. There is a small room just across from where you entered this one, holding a few cloacks and a tophat. Hanging high above you is a crystal chandelier, with unlit candles. The door across from you is slightly open and as you peek in there, see that it is the dining hall.  

Den of Wolves

The room just below the main hallway looks like a hunters den. Mounted above the fireplace is a stags head, 3 stuffed wolves are spread throughout the room. The walls are decorated with ornately decorations, sculpted onto the walls. Vines, flowers, nymphs and satyrs. A chandelier hangs above the table, which is covered by a thick cloth.   You have picked the lock of the cabinet on the left thanks to the lockpicking skills of Clive O'Hammond. In there you find a heavy crossbow, a light crossbow and a handcrossbow, as well as 6 throwing daggers and 20 bolts for each.  


Above and to the right of the main hallway is the kitchen. Tidy, clean, the kitchen has dishware, cookware and utensils placed on shelves. The worktable has a rolling pin and a chopping block on them. A stone, dome-shaped oven stands near the east wall, its bent iron stovepipe connecting to a hole in the ceiling. Behind the stove and to the left is a thin door leading to a well-stocked pantry. In the south of the kitchen there is also a dumbwaiter.  

Dining Room

The centerpiece of this wood-paneled dining room is a carved mahogany table surrounded by eight high-backed chairs with sculpted armrests and cushioned seats. A crystal chandelier hangs above the table, which is covered with resplendent silverware and crystalware polished to a dazzling shine. Mounted above the marble fireplace is a mahogany-framed painting of an alpine vale. The wall paneling is carved with elegant images of deer among the trees.


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