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The Journal of a Horrible Adventure

Five days into the month of Rao in the year 789 a small hunting party came across a journal lying in a ravine, the back pages were singed and it had been clearly dropped from a height. Upon opening the book they learned of the wonders inside and the journal was brought to the capital to be presented to the emperor. This journal now sits inside the library as a warning to all would be adventuring princes. Scholars worry about the journal integrity so are working on carefully replicating the document into another journal with the back attached.

Historical Details


When two dragon flowers were brought in by a farmer the lord of the areas son quickly snatched them up and brought them to his father. All but one seed was sent off to the emperor. A few months later a letter arrived saying a young man was getting ready to go looking for the where the flowers came from, the local lord warned him not to co disturbing the dragons lest he lose his life but no warnings were listened to.

Public Reaction

The public has never seen this journal on the orders of the emperor, he did not want others to lose their life trying to attempt the same journey. Uses of the document are now strictly for showing young princes why it's not good to go exploring or scholarly purposes.
Dragon Flowers
Journal, Personal

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