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Ratfolk, or Skadyr as they are known by the Onar, are a race of rodent like humanoids that generally live deep beneath Eraneth. They are in general conflict with the dwarves on and off at any given time and have been known to establish colonies beneath human cities, causing disease and other hardships on the surface population. Viewed as a scourge among most sapient species of Eraneth, there have been a few examples across the ages of Skadyr exiles co existing with other populations.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Ratfolk are short lived by most species standards and reproduce in great volumes. Ratfolk females generally have 2-3 offspring per birth cycle, become reproducibly capable at relatively young ages and can have several births over their lifetime. This tends to lead to large populations of Ratfolk, but they also have a very low survival rate of their offspring in squalid conditions and the intense rivalry between individual ratfolk.

Growth Rate & Stages

Ratfolk are considered to be adults by around the age of 10-12. At birth and for the first year or so they are their most vulnerable as they develop their primary motor skills and abilities. Ratfolk will tend to have communal rattling facilities where groups of adults will watch masses of offspring. By around age 50 if any Ratfolk have survived so long will generally succumb to age or maladies that they have carried for so long, this decline is rapid and there is little incentive to care for the elderly in most Ratfolk Swarms.

Ecology and Habitats

Ratfolk prefer subterranean environments and generally do not care for the surface and bright lights. Their cities and holds are squalid and overrun with dense populations, probably to great for their surroundings. This overpopulation is ever looming causing waves of famine, infighting, and outward aggression. Leaders of Ratfolk Citadels are ever alert to betrayal, generally from within their own family, of which only the most powerful of Ratfolk even bother to keep track of.

Blight of Scrios
40-60 Years
Average Height
Average Weight
Stats:+2 Dex +2 Int -2 Str   Touch of Scrios: Ratfolk are touched by Scrios, and all carry atleast one of his gifts. Ratfolk chose a disease to carry, and are immune to its effects but can transmit it. They are also immune to the effects of any disease they contract, but will also transmit it.   Natural Engineers: Ratfolk have a knack for machines and invention, creating bizzare cobbled together machines from whatever they can scournge. Ratfolk may choose a +2 racial bonus to engineering or an appropriate craft skill.   Sensory: 60ft Darkvision, Scent, Light Sensativity

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