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Ratfolk Elite

Ratfolk Elite are those members of their society that have held onto power and have careful selected their mates in such a way to continue a strong genetic line. These Ratfolk tend to make up all manner of upper class of society, administrators, elite warriors, magic practitioners, engineers, and the like.

Naming Traditions

Unisex names

Names are similar to those as Ratfolk Vermin

Family names

  • Darkcutter
  • Mournfangs
  • Nightlash
  • Clawborn


Major language groups and dialects

High Chitterin takes the variety of sounds found in Low Chittern and applies proper linguistic form and nuance. The incoherent chittering in fact is a series of carefully ordered sounds that give meaning. The chitterin written language is phonetical its letters mimicking exact sounds.

Culture and cultural heritage

The Elite of Ratfolk society live in perpetual tension of Machiavellian nature. The Elites which hold power holding onto its tenuous grasp from other vying to take their wealth and prestige. Elites do not venture far from their bases of power unless attempting to gain more of it. The courts if they can be called that of the citadels elite are filled with lavish feasts and the showing off of rare items, symbols of wealth and the like.

Shared customary codes and values

Like among the lower class open violence is frowned upon and harshly dealt with by the Citadel masters. While assassination and other such things occur the goal is to do so without being noticed or found out. Gift giving and paying of homage to ones superiors is also generally expected and common practice to keep ones favor and place in the citadel

Common Etiquette rules

Groveling and degrading oneself before ones superiors is considered the norm among the Elites. This helps the Citadel Master and his closest advisors to maintain authority. Should this begin to break down or the subordinates no longer seem sincere in their prostrations is a sign of a new Master on the horizon.

Common Dress code

Elites tend to favor "fashionable" attire, however with very little direct industry in the citadels, these clothes are often patchworks and menageries of various other fine fabrics and clothes stolen or scavenged.

Art & Architecture

Some citadels are converted dwarven holds, others are elaborate engineering marvels built into massive caverns and twisting tunnels made by an ambitious Citadel Master. They generally do not build for beauty but rather build for function and necessity. The citadels are often twisting mazes that are near unnavigable for those unfamiliar with the citadel. Among the Elites more refined music and artistic expression are common, the most talented are strongly pursued and vied over among the most powerful of the Citadel, another sign of their prominence.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Each citadel will have its own great Holiday, generally a feast after a succesful raid or some other token generosity of the Citadel Master to the common folk.


Beauty Ideals

Mating among the Elites tend to be more permenant then among the Vermin class, however should a partner fall in favor or no longer hold power they can be discarded. Power and strength of mind or body are seen as the most desireable besides finding a mate of prominence. Pairings are usually carefully selected to breed the strongest and most powerful Ratfolk.

Gender Ideals

Elites while not under constant threat for basic survival, they are under constant threat from their rivals. This forces only the most capable to rise to the top regardless of gender.

Courtship Ideals

Families will generally arrange the marriages of their young. As an example, the strongest children will be paired with a friendly family to create non heirs of great strength for soldiers. Those who are destined to carry on the family tradition will have pairings to create strong offspring but also strong alliances within the Citadel.

Good Stock: Elites gain a +1 to Str   Defensive Trait
  • Eye for Danger: Ratfolk in the courts of the Citadel are always on the look out for danger, poison, assassins blades or the like. They gain a +1 bonus to perception checks to detect danger to their person. This bonus increases by 1 for every 3 levels.
  • Nimble Warrior: Ratfolk who are trained to be warriors learn to use their nimble form to their advantage. These ratfolk gain a +1 dodge bonus to AC.
  Feat and Skill Trait:
  • Skilled Alchemist: Many ratfolk elite spend their time plying at potions and alchemical creations, these ratfolk gain a +2 racial bonus to craft Alchemy.
  • Hand in the Dark: Some Ratfolk become skilled at hiding their nefarious dealings. These ratfolk may take a +2 to Stealth or Slight of Hand.
  Magical Trait:
  • Forever in Darkness: Some Ratfolk have spent so long in the dark their dark vision has improved, gaining an additional 30ft of darkvision, however theirlight sensitivity is increased to light blindness.
  • Affliction: Some Ratfolk practice their magical arts with a focus upon their creators methods. Any spells that cause sickness, disease, or other such afflictions they gain a +1 to their CL.
  Offensive Trait:
  • Swarming: Ratfolk are used to living and fighting communally, and are adept at swarming foes for their own gain and their foes’ detriment. Up to two ratfolk can share the same square at the same time. If two ratfolk in the same square attack the same foe, they are considered to be flanking that foe as if they were in two opposite squares.
  • Hatred: Despising their natural enemies, some ratfolk have learned to fight them specifically. These ratfolk gain a +2 to hit and damage against, dwarves, gnomes, elves, or humans.

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