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Lycanthropes are humanoids that have been altered thru a great ritual. The rituals origin have been traced, speculatively, to Vrayis, the first Vampire. Created as part of his magical experiments, seeking the perfect guardian to his lair during the daylight hours that he must sleep and to hunt for him, so as not to be distracted from his work. Lycanthropes are generally bound to the vampire that created them, as are any that turn from their bite. Lycanthropes have been known to earn their freedom from their Vampiric masters and be released, and on fewer occasions to have broken from the mental bond. Lycans retain their humanoid abilities, skills, knowledge, and are augmented by the animal for which their curse has crossed them. While this comes with improved senses, healing, and strength, it also leaves them a savagery, that can sometimes not be controlled.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Lycans remain genetically compatible with their primary species, and have very few noticeable changes to their humanoid form. Offspring of Lycans never seem to retain the curse and will grow up as a normal member of their species, tho often times an ancestral lycans abilities can influence its progeny thru bloodline powers(Sorcerer etc).

Growth Rate & Stages

Lycanthropy in of itself does not alter the growth rate and life stages of most mortals. For long lived species they will notice little difference, humans and other short lived species will live 3-4 times longer then the norm of their species, and the affects of old age will come on far slower even when nearing the end.   The Curse itself however has two stages that vary slightly based upon how it was laid upon them. If they are created in a formal ritual by a vampire, it is likely done upon the New Moon. As the Moon grows the Lycans master will exert their mental control over the Lycan helping them control cravings, wild urges, and allow them their first transformation with minimal Chaos. At the full moon the Lycan will obey the commands of their master and generally their first hunt will be done as a ritual ceremony. For any who contract the curse thru a bite, this process will be far more chaotic. At each cycle of the moon(New, Quarter, Half, 3 Quarter and Full) the afflicted will be wracked with terrible voices, mental images, and a jumble conflicting urges and desires all of which will culminate in their first turning at the full moon. With no guidance this will usually end in a bloody rampage.   After this initial turning most Lycanthropes can shift at will and with increasing control of their faculties and selves. While the hunger, a theorized side affect of Vrayis curse, is ever present, most Lycans can sate this hunger by hunting game in their animalistic forms. Any who contract Lycanthropy have until the first full moon to have the curse removed from them. This can be accomplished by a remove disease spell or heal, performed by a 12th Caster Lever Divine Caster. A heavy dose of wolfsbane may also be consumed to allow a reroll of their Fortitude save against the infection.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Lycans must consume raw meat to sate the hunger that gnaws at the back of their minds. While simply arriving at the butchers shop for a flank of beef will sate the hunger, it will not halt it, eventually the Lycan must hunt. A Lycan may go 2x its HD in days before it must hunt or suffer penalties from hunger. For each day after this, the Vampire must succeed a will save(DC 10+1/2 HD +1 Per day) or suffer from Hunger. Feeding on raw meet prevent the +1 to the DC for each day past their HD limit and can grant a +2 to the will save but can never reset the timer. Any Lycanthrope that is required to make daily saves that is within 10ft of a helpless target must roll their Hunger Will Save or shift and begin feeding uncontrollably. Each day a Lycanthrope fails its save and is afflicted by Hunger it incurs a penalty that remains until they hunt.  

Curse of Vrayis
+250-300 Years
Animalistic Senses: Gain the Scent ability and Low Light Vision.   Animalistic Might: +2 Str   Animalistic Health: Gains DR 5/Silver and Fast Healing 5   Shape Shift: May shift to their Hybrid form as well as the animal form of their Lycan type

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