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Chronakarah The All Seeing

Goddess of Time and Fate Chronakarah is a great Amethyst Dragon which knows the fate of the world from beginning to end. For this she remains ever silent and is often portrayed in holy texts as mute. Those gifted with connections to Chronakarah are said to have foresight and are touched by prophecy. Chonakarah generally has few temples and clergy as she is not worshipped but is revered by most populations as the arbiter between the material world and the Celestial realms. Among intelligent undead Chronakarah worship has become a twisted justification to their undead state. For those who have seen the great dragon, she is said to be quiet and sorrowful, the please for mercy or intervention forever met with silence from the mortal realm.  

Divine Classes

Cleric-Found mostly among the Silicate dragons of Ioban, Clerics of Chronakarah are often chroniclers and philosophers, desirous of neutrality and balance instead of good nor evil self interests.  

Omdura-Uncommon among the faithful of Chronakarah, they predominantly defend sacred places or places of power to the Goddess of time, to use their martial abilities to further an agenda would be contrary to the goddess mandate.  

Oracle-Gifted, or perhaps cursed with a glimpse of the future, Oracles of Chronakarah bring warnings and portents to those who most need to hear it. Sadly they are often in the grips and throws of madness that seeing the rivers of time may cause, making such warnings challenging to understand. Favoring the Mysteries of Apocalypses and Time

Divine Domains

The Great Library of Vaes Kadrah is a twisting city sized structure where most natural laws do not seem to apply. At the Citadels great peak is an observatory where the stars and planes can all be viewed at once. Here Chronakarah sits, her lair open to all the stars that have and will be in every iteration possible, basking in infinity itself.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Her holy symbol in its simplest form is an amethyst ring, never ending, more complex versions of her sigil is an amethyst serpent devouring itself endlessness. Undead cults of Chronakarah favor a fanged serpent.

Tenets of Faith

Deific Obedience - Spend an hour in deep meditation, reflecting on the nature of the cosmos, time, space, and in the multiversal scheme—preferably while under the effects of a perception-altering drug. You gain a +2 profane bonus on saving throws to resist mind-affecting effects.

  • Twist Time: entropic shield 3/ day, augury 2/day, or haste 1/day

  • Borrowed Memories: Once per day as a standard action, you can gain the effects of legend lore, save that the legends are recalled immediately and you gain the most complete level of knowledge (as if the person, place, or thing were at hand, regardless of its actual position). Your recollection of the legend takes the form of a memory borrowed from someone familiar with the subject matter.

  • Pause: You gain the ability to pause time for yourself or one creature you designate within 30 feet once per day. This functions as per time stop but with a duration of 1 round.

Alignment: True Neutral   Domains: Time(Future, Past), Fate, Scalykind(Dragon)   Spheres: Fate, Time, Alteration, Life, Mind, Telekenisis, Warp   Favored Weapon: Chakram

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