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Chishlen Ratfolk

A curious subset of Ratfolk that emerged at the end of the Second Age, first discovered by an expedition from Tal'Thril. These Ratfolk carry no disease, are focused upon engineering marvels, and generally living in quiet solitude and peace. Named after Chishle, a Ratfolk from Clawspire who lived among the Atlyrians for several decades but left to try and give her people a better life then what is offered in the Citadels. Having created a small colony in the deep she would seek the brightest from among the Vermin population to give them an opportunity to flourish. Chishlen Ratfolk are reclusive and cautious since they are generally not seen any different from other Ratfolk, and considered a blight from the other Ratfolk.

Naming Traditions

Family names

If Chishlen take a surname they add the suffix -pup to their mothers name


Major language groups and dialects

Vulgar Chitterin is a hybrid language that combines aspects of the Atlyrian language with the squeeks and chirps of High Chitterin. Atlyrian and Chitterin speakers tend to find it confusing and dissorienting when it is overheard.

Culture and cultural heritage

Chishlen Ratfolk are only a few generations into being their own people and are just beginning to create their own culture. The teachings of Chishle have formed the foundation of this culture and society, but not as a religion but rather a philosophy. Chief among these is co-operation of all people and the conservation of resources which give Chishlen Ratfolk their communal focus and purpose. While other Ratfolk struggle to survive due to ever growing population and a need to consume, Chishlen struggle with small populations and being surrounded by others who generally do not understand they are different. This has led Chishlen Ratfolk to be cautious, stealthy, suspicious, and isolationists.

Shared customary codes and values

Chishlen Ratfolk unlike their kin have a share and share alike attitude towards their fellows. For one of the community to starve while another grows fat is seen as a great afront. While Chishlen still have a high rate of procreation and thus large families, they are far more careful to manage their population unlike their Vermin kin. Chishlen also tend to eat in large communal meals, while this started at first because they were so few, as their population grew it has become several differing large gatherings, either from neighbors, extended family, or even colleagues in different segments of the cities development.

Common Etiquette rules

Disturbing a Chishlen amid their work is considered a great inconsideration. This can be from interrupting a cook mid preparation or an engineer amid their experiments. In great contrast to their former life, the offering of guests food and drink is almost excessive, especially to few outsiders who find their way to Chishleberg.

Common Dress code

Chishlen favor elaborate clothing, often times looking similar to the long tunics, coathardies, and impressive hats of the Atlyrian court. This however does not work well for when they venture outside the city. When they need to blend into their environment they will often take the more ragged look of normal Ratfolk, but perhaps with a bit more style and cohesion if one were to look closely.

Art & Architecture

Chishleberg was created from the ground up by Chishle. Enlisting the aide of a great earth Elemental to form the base of the cavern, the city is entirely subteranean and its buildings and rooms connected by a series of tunnels with few open streets. The interiors of buildings look similar to Atlyrian town homes.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Chishlen enjoy celebrating the changing of Seasons tho most have never actually seen the difference in their underground life. They also celebrate the founding of the City and its founder.


Beauty Ideals

Chishlen favor cleanliness and well kept fur coats. They like most ratfolk enjoy things that shine and sparkle as well. Like the Elites, when no longer focused souly on survival have the time to better regard potential mates. Unlike Elites, they are not focused on the best genetic pairing, but do consider strength, height, and intellect idyllic.

Gender Ideals

Chishlen family structures are Matriarical. Like most Ratfolk they do not have strict gender roles, as survival takes everyone working together, they do recognize the feminine as the future of their continued existance. Matriarchs of families ensure resources are fairly distributed, the elderly are cared for, and their children are able to persue their talents.

Courtship Ideals

Chishlen females will generally take several mates and unlike their kin tend to mate for life. Males will generally go to great lengths to impress females of the community, showing their ability scavenge, new innovations, or with physical prowess.

Free to Think: The +2 to bunus to Engineering or a Craft Skill as a Ratfolk is Increased to +4   Disease Free: These ratfolk have no diseases, but should they contract any are not affected by it but do carry it.   Defensive Trait
  • One of Many: When in crowded environments Chishlen have excelled at going unnoticed with out great effort. These Ratfolk may roll a stealth check in any situation where there are several others to go unnoticed or unseen. This can include being targeted in combat.
  • Draw First: Chishlen suspicious nature makes them on edge and aware of their surroundings. Chishlen can not be caught flat footed and may draw any weapons as part of rolling initiative
  Feat and Skill Trait
  • Skulking: Some ratfolk can blend easily into their environments, and move with surprising grace. Ratfolk gain a +2 racial bonus on Stealth checks, and take only a –5 penalty on Stealth checks made to hide from creatures they have distracted with a Bluff check (rather than the normal –10 penalty).
  • Deft Paws: Chishlen have a long tradition of being skilled in more rogueish arts from their Matron. These ratfolk who train as Chishle did gain a +2 racial bonus to disable device or sleight of hand.
  Magical Trait
  • Forever in Darkness: Some Ratfolk have spent so long in the dark their dark vision has improved, gaining an additional 30ft of darkvision, however theirlight sensitivity is increased to light blindness.
  • Transmutation Mastery: Chishlen came with many books and tomes concerning transmutation, and those Ratfolk of her community who study magic are skilled Tramsutaters. Any spells of this school or spheres have a +1 Racial Bonus to CL.
  Offensive Trait
  • Nimble Gunners: When using 1 handed firearms Chishlen do not incur attacks of opportuinity from making ranged attacks.
  • Surprising Strike: While Chishlen do not swarm like their kin, they have learned how to best strike those who may be distracted. These ratfolk gain +1d6 sneak attack.

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