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Bounty Hunters Rankings

Gold Tier   1. The Avourus Chromadon Consisting of 5 members all Dragonborn- Red, Male, Angronamous, Lv10 fighter. Green, Female, Sumarlor Lv10 Wizard. Blue, Female, Morana, Lv10 Cleric. White, Male, Vooth, Lv10 Barbarian. Black, Male, Syothmar, Lv10 Rogue. Keep their religious beliefs secret, worshipers of Tiamet.   2. The Bad Batch Consisting of 4 members- Verok, Male Human, Lv9 Barbarian. Meldon, Female Half-Elf, Lv9 Ranger. Peruno, Female Dwarf, L97 Paladin. Sasx, Male Teifling, Lv9 Sorcerer.   3. Delvor Woundbiter Just the man himself, a Male Goliath with unusual intellect, Lv7 Fighter, Lv7 Wizard.   4. Acidic Rim A ragtag bunch of weirdos- Illimor, Male Gnomb, Lv8 Paladin. Kelothno, Female Tebaxi, Lv8 Rogue. Mell, Female Furbolg, Lv8 Druid.   5. Wolfs Blood Consisting of 4 members- Standu, Female Half-Elf, Lv8 Fighter. Tulok, Female Human, Lv8 Wizard. Eldarth, Male Human, Lv8 Cleric. Yuron, Female Human, Lv8 Worlock   Silver Tier   1.The Demigogs Consists of 4 members- Durog Menta, Male Teifling, Lv7 Blood Hunter. Zasha, Female Human, Lv7 Barbarian. Tiberius Haymaker, Male Halfling, Lv7 Warlock. Greg, Male Halfling, Lv7 Bard   2.The Vanquishers of Evil Consists of 3 Members. Restorian, Male Human, Lv9 Paladin. Thumuk, Male Goliath, Lv9 Paladin. Wendarla, Female Kenku, Lv9 Cleric   3.The Fuckheads Consists of 4 members. Franza, Female Human, Lv7 Ranger. Ulanda, Male Half-Elf, Lv7 Rogue. Crudor, Male Gnomb, Lv7 Barbarian. Kazez, Male Human, Bard.   4.Sword Coast Sorcerers Consists of 3 members. Tim, Male Human, Lv8 Sorcerer. Hurdar, Female Halfling, Lv6 Sorcerer. Gobble, Female Gnomb, Lv6 Sorcerer   5. Vuluthne The Lady herself. Female Human, Lv 11 Shadow Monk.   Copper Tier   1.Stanley-Male Human, Lv3 Fighter   2.Rugrats Consists of four members- Dular, Male Human, Lv2 Rogue. Gorth, Male Huamn, Lv2 Rogue. Telmar, Female Human, Lv2 Rogue. Yaraka, Male Human,Lv2 Rogue.   3.Mr&Mrs Meguffin. both humans, Lv2 Fighter & Druid respectively. Specialized in finding objects and missing people.   4. Baldur's Bastards.  Consists of 4 Members- Festararg, Male Human, Lv 5 Fighter. Meldor, Female Human, Lv5 Wizard. Orgaran, Male Half-Orc, Lv 5 Barbarian. Scand, Male Human, Lv5 Bard.   5.-Say Again-The group   6.Bloody Fuck Knuckles Consists of 5 members- Pete, Male Human, Lv1 Fighter, Alan, Male Dwarf, Lv1 Cleric. Lidia, Female Half-Elf, Lv1 Rogue. Dan, Male Human, Lv1 Wizard. Bingelbangel, Male Gnomb, Lv1 Bard.   7.Ugabuga Consists of 3 members- Dellon, Male Half-Orc, Lv1 Barbarian. Dullon, Male Half-Orc, Lv1 Barbarian. Dillon, Male Half-Orc, Lv1 Barbarian.

Gold Tier Bounty   Troll Attacks, The town of Morrow north of the Winding Winter River needs assistance in defeating 3 trolls which have taken up residence in the Troll Hills, as this is a recurring incident pay shall only be received upon proof of death by the receiving of heads to the bounty hunters guild. Reward 3000g   Large Orc Herd. A large band of Orcs has been spotted near the Werewoods and Cloud Peaks estimated to be between 25-42 within the band. Reward 1500g   Dragon Spotted. Adult Green Dragon, seen flying near Wealdath Forrest. Reward 4000g. Proof required. Be warned the Slayers Take is also looking for this Dragon Kill upon encounter.    Crypt Cracking. The Wizard Thaid has commissioned another exertion into Warlock's Crypt. So far two Floors have been explored with 4 expeditions. only 1 has returned with three members missing. Each floor explored is rewarded with 1000g.    Silver Tier Bounty   Squirrel Hunting: Red squirrels have been seen in town stealing jewelry from citizens— they always head west after the theft. They need to be captured or killed; a bonus available if stolen items are returned. Reward 20g per squirrel and 300g upon completion.    Sewer Monster, An unknown monster has taken up residence in the Lower City Sewer System. Beware three groups have attempted this and non returned. Reward 450g   Mysterious Deaths. Victims have been found with jaws unhinged and eyes removed 13 been found so far. Upon capture or death of a criminal Reward 500g   Wanted Dead or Alive. Jonny Chomp Chomp, Crime's cannibalism, kidnapping, and Murder. Reward- Dead 350g, Alive 600g   Wanted Dead or Alive. Killer Clowns, a cult of killer clowns has been spotted within the Lower City, they have been hunting the residents there. Each Clown captured 50g, leader 400g   Copper Tier Bounty   Lost Dog, Name Snuffles, last seen in the Upper City by Willows Park. Reward 50g   Wanted Dead, Scabby half nose, crimes theft. Description- Male Halfling, missing end of the nose, brown hair and eyes, Reward 60g.    Guards wanted- a shipment of undisclosed suplises needs escorting to Selrin Mannor. Reward 70g   Rank 3+ Escort- Lady Yularin needs escorting to Athkala, Reward 120g   Giant rat infestation, Basic Bread's basement, Reward 80g   Lost Pet Goblin- Description Pale Green, White afro hair, responds to Bobbin. Reward 120g. Please return to Lady Kealor   Lost Grandma, has dementure and is convinced she can talk to animals, mostly harmless but violent when agitated. Reward 40g

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