Zul'Kaf the Corruptor

Demon King Zul'Kaf

Zul'Kaf was a soldier in the agorian armies that showed much promise. He rapidly advanced through the ranks of the Agorian army until he was one of the most prestigious of the king’s warriors. He was granted the request to join the castle guard. He trained under the wing of the king’s most trusted and greatest warrior, Tal'Zoff. Zul'Kaf was taught in the ways of might and magic. Tal'Zoff became the Master of Arms for the king leaving an opening in the royal guard. When Zul'Kaf learned of this he asked Tal'Zoff if he could obtain the position. Tal'Zoff told him he would have to survive at least 3 minutes in battle with a royal guard or defeat a royal guard.   Zul'Kaf had studied the guards training in the arena many times before so he knew all their weaknesses and strengths. Zul'Kaf challenged the strongest current member of the guard to a duel, who naturally accepted. Zul'Kaf had mastered shadow and corruption magic by this time and used them to manipulate his opponent. Then he went in for the "kill" to win the fight. Upon wining the fight Zul'Kaf was put through thorough questioning to see if he was trustworthy enough to gain the position. Many of the questions he lied about and he never got caught because he was so good at deceiving. He gained the job ten days later. Since the plan was to win the throne he began part two of his plan gathering intelligence. When he learned enough about the king to move on to part three, Zul'Kaf challenged Vendroght to a dual in the arena. Where Zul'Kaf dominated the fight and killed Vendroght, winning kingship. Zul'Kaf The Corrupter became the king of the Agorians.   The first thing he did was found the League of Corrupters. He was a master in strategy which allowed him to be victorious against all his enemies. His second task was to send ambassadors from the league to all the demon empires and make allies with them. He used his league to spy on the countries and when he had gathered enough information about them all he sent a strike team of ten corrupters to help reinforce the guard at each of the demon kings stronghold. Then he influenced the all other kings into war then a week after the war started he had his men strike they took out the entire royal guard of each king then he personally killed the kings. Through this act Zul'Kaf became the king of all demons.   Then tried to invade the Era’Guya. He succeeded in taking over the selfish Sha'Wao lands. He then attempted to take over the other lands, but The Templars of the Just were not about to allow this to happen. They fought a valiant battle but in the end he was too strong for even their strongest warrior, Holar the Judge. When Zul'kaf attacked the Templars Capital of Vangaurd without any of his vast armies at his side he almost destroyed the city but once he reached the grand Atriarch of the Just he was stunned by the powers held within. With one grand blow Holar's hammer, Truth, was able to render Zul'Kaf unconscious. Since they did not possess the power to kill him they placed him in a holding spell. They then transported him to the Crypt of the Templar he was stored there till they were able to find a spell strong enough to contain him. After Zul'Kaf was captured his second in command Tendrosen took over the demon hordes.   After the war the Templar of the Just finally found a sealing ritual powerful enough and they sealed Zul'Kaf in a steel tomb with divine symbols engraved all about it. Unfortunately Holar had to sacrifice himself to finish the demon sealing ritual. There is no record of the Crypt of the Templar ever existing, except this account by the Book of the Ages. It is unknown if it exist, if it does, it is long since forgotten. The Tomb of Zul'Kaf was placed in a grand mausoleum in the center of Hellsorrow Graveyard. It is said that there are many statues of Holar over watching that graveyard. It is believed that Holar was buried in the crypt of the templar or his body was destroyed in the ritual and he became a greater being.   Some worship Holar as a god but others dismiss this as a legend and nothing more. Almost all of those who have entered the graveyard that were non-templars never returned except a few lucky souls that are told about in ballads and songs of bards. Even these stories are dismissed as myth to those who have not witnessed the horrors of the dead. The only believed accounts of what lies there are by the Templar of the Just. Whom do monthly initiations mission for the new initiates to purge the graveyard.   After Zul'Kaf was entombed Tendrosen and his band of apprentices betrayed Zul'Kaf and banished the League of Curruption to the underworld. Yet the leagues nondemon troops remained, and traveled to evil cities to gather followers. Tendrosen founded the Guild of Kekordi and they attacked all the cities of the Templar and Eratican. after five years of war there were only afew Templar and Eratican cities left including Vanguard, Holaria, and Twisting Cavern. Tendrosen and the Guild of Kekordi made a final assault against the Templar Capital of Vanguard. The assault was more of a slaughter of demons as the Templar of the Just obliterated millions of demons that assaulted the city. When Tendrosen realized his massive flaw way to late after over half his army was destroyed at the cost of no templars and retreated. The Templars of the Just followed the hordes to the chasm from which they came. It is said that the spirit of Holar closed the chasm behind the demons, but the templar say that it was the demons running in fear that closed the chasm. The Templar built the grand fortress, Soul Haven, on the mass of land floating above the scared land left by the demonic chasm.



Smooth like Silk, Booming even at a whisper.

RPG Character sheet

Zul'Kaf is of a level 50 times greater then the highest level normally used in the game system. In d20 systems based on Dungeons and Dragons he would be level 1000, or

Biological Sex
Aligned Organization
The League of Corruption


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