Ingvar Veildrek

Captain Ingvar Veildrek

Ingvar was a prodigy among mages, once upon a time. Young and boisterous he attempted to summon a fire spell beyond his ability. The aftermath left several of his friends dead, and drove the young mage to drink.   Needing money for the booze and feeling shame for his arrogance, Ingvar made his way out into the fields. He had an uncommon constitution, and was strong for a magic user, making him a perfect fit for the fields. At least there, he wouldn't be getting into magic that would kill everyone.   The farm owner was a orc named Krogsk, he was gruff and knew how to throw a party. Each year there was a burning of the wickerman to celebrate a good harvest. There was a group of minotaurs that appeared raiding through the village, they had been sent by the lord of neighboring province, Gentris Blackmire. Many died during the festival and in the end Krogsk a retired military man, Kled Tenskins the local blacksmith, Ulga Green the baker's daughter, were the last of about 20 to stand and fight. The majority of the villagers made it to safety, but many of the hard laborers were now dead. Kled, Ulga, and Ingvar left to join the military of the local lord, and Krogsk stayed behind to help rebuild after the cleanup.   There was three year war that followed and Kled, Ulga, and Ingvar were among the most decorated of the lords men. During the second year of the campaign Ren Skilbane joined the group as a survivor. Ren was a green kid of 15 but he had a luck to him and was cocksure to match. There was more than one time they thought he would dieb only to have him evade death at the last minute.   Ulga favored the bow and became a skilled healer. Her talents were always a saving grace when things looked grim. Kled favored a large sword he once made to prove he could to Korgsk. Ingvar used what he knew of magic to enhance is combat abilities, but he favored swords.   During the final siege Ren's luck finally ran out as a rock thrown by a stone giant crushed him faster than he could dodge. Kled took a arrow in his neck during the ramming of the gate. Ulga survived, and returned to the farms she grew up in not wanting any more of the trials of war. Haggard and beaten but victorious Ingvar took up Kled's sword and began to train with the beast of a weapon.

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