When the first evil began ordering Hell they found need of spreading self interest as a principle and thus created two unique species, Agorians and Necronins. One to warp bodies and the other minds. The Agorians filled the roll of mind manipulation and became the embodiment of manipulation and deceit.

RPG Datasheet

Standard Racial Traits Edit Ability Score Racial Traits: Agorians are quick of wit and extraordinary smooth of tongue. They gain +2 Intelligence, and +4 Charisma. Type: Agorians are outsiders with the native subtype. Size: Agorians are Medium creatures and thus receive no bonuses or penalties due to their size. Speed: Agorians have a base speed of 30 feet. Languages: Agorians begin play speaking Common and Infernal. Agorians with high intelligence scores can choose any language as a bonus language. And learn 2 languages per skill point spent in the linguistic skill. For 3.5 they lean a new languages for every one skill point instead of every 2. Defense Racial Traits   Hellish Resistance(Ex): Agorians have fire resistance 10. Fire infused with evil intent is treated as normal fire, IE Hellfire, Felfire, etc. Feat and Skill Racial Traits   Skilled: Agorians gain a +2 racial bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks. Magical Racial Traits   Charmer's Tongue(Sp): As a standard action, you may use charm monster on a target in 60ft. The effect last 1 hour. This is a spell-like ability usable at will. However you may only have one creature effected by this ability at a time. If a new creature would be effected the previous one is released from the effect. Any attitude shift are not treated as part of Charmer's Tongue when counting who is affected by it. Senses Racial Traits   See in Darkness (Su): Agorians can see perfectly in darkness of any kind, including that created by deeper darkness.   Racial Feats: A Small Request, Charming Crowds, Faceless Liar, Fast Friends, Seed of Deceit, Undying Adoration   A Small Request Prerequisites: Charmer's Tongue   Benefit: With a diplomacy or bluff check you may convince someone affected by a charm effect to serve you willingly for the day under promise of their safety. The DC is 10 + their HD + wis mod + 5 per step under helpful they normally are. So lvl 1 commoner with 12 wis that is indifferent would be a DC 22. The promise of their safety means they will not be in any more danger than they would find themselves in on a regular day. A commoner that travels the woods may be a guide, while a mercenary may act as a sword to defend you on the road. They forgive the fact that you charmed them.

Genetic Ancestor(s)


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