Era of Strife


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Where should I start this shit storm of a story at? Well I guess It all started around the year of 2015, where a band of criminals know as Legion popped up on the radar on the world with all the other trash that acted like them. Of course these guys weren't messing around at all when they started their reign of crime and infamy, they went straight away annihilating the rest of the competition. I not just talking about a few city blocks just to sell some cheap as drugs, they went all the way to the top. Mobsters, cartels, you name it. Nothing stopped them from getting what they wanted.They soon enough took over entire cities and then started to expand from continent to continent. In just three years they controlled the entire global criminal underworld with either everyone dead or scared shitless and went into hiding. Surprising, global crime dropped faster than a headless chicken and most people were fine with that, well excepted the Ghost that is. But will get to that juicy stuff later into the story. For now lets just skip a few years to reach a milestone.   Well in 2020, the Earth get invaded by these aliens assholes, from a distance planet that they got kicked off of want to take over the Earth to make it their new base of operations. The weird thing about these guys looked exactly human for some reason. So what do the people say to these guys who want to enslave us and turn are children into mindless drone, well they tell them to fuck off and go find some other rock to live on. They get pissed and just attacked the planet with their lasers and shit. Most of the planet falls in a matter of days and and alliance is formed to fight the aliens right where it hurts. Legion and the Ghost would be apart of the this alliance as well. To set the record straight the Ghost were a bunch of secret organization guys with a lot of advance tech. This would last for a year until the enemies of the invaders showed up to Earth and sent them packing. After that little war the world is messed up real badly and everyone has a truce to get everything back to normal. Legion on the other hand had their own ideas that they had in mind and would start some real sticky stuff behind everyones back.   The year is now 2032 and things have been normal for a little while know, of course the climate is mess up real bad and terrorism is at an all time high. You expect these guy to lower the lunacy a little with the planet being invaded and stuff. But back to the story, Legion starts a series of terror attack of their own and soon enough its world war fucking three! Those little bastards take out most of the governments of the world since many of them had sleeper cells hidden in plain sight. Most of the world is under their control and its total anarchy out there. Even those anarchist bozos start to join them to be wild and free or whatever the hell anarchists do. The Ghosts join in with whats left of the countries of the world and years start to pass. Eight years pass and the Legion is defeated, not before they all commit mass suicided bombing doing more damage that is still hard to repair today. Most people just call it the Last Defiance, well I just call it plain old psychotic tendencies. The world that you know it is never the same again.   Now we get to the good all year of 2065 with all the everyday horse shit that I have to deal with. Out of two hundred nations across the globe, only twelve remain. Something that has never been seen in human history making it a whole new ballgame. The United Nations was disbanded, leading way to the Council of Nations. The world has been in a stalemate with the with the dominant powers biding their time to see what will happen next, not knowing what is in store for them. While that is happening, all the little people including me are dealing with crime, authoritarian governments, and the occasional uprising here and there. One thing is for sure about this new world right here, it never gets boring around here.