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Therimus-Class Corvette

The Therimus-Class corvette is perhaps one of the most numerous civilian ships on the market, with hundreds of thousands being sold and produced over the course of FTS history alone. They can be used as mid-ranged shuttles, exploration vessels, freighters or drone controllers; though some less-than-desirable factions often use makeshift modifications to turn these utilitarian vessels into ramshackle warships.

Power Generation

The Therimus has 1 corvette-class plasma generator, and two Heavy-portable plasma generators. The corvette-class generator resides in the main chassis of the ship to provide power to the ship's systems and thrusters for normal operations. The heavy-portable generators reside in the nacelles of the chip to provide extra power when performing evasive maneuvers or for extra speed. These generators are fueled by a PAC system filled with Hydrogen.


The Therimus has two nacelles on its port and starboard sides; each housing two arrays of four Omni Thrusters, granting it thrust and maneuverability in all directions. The ship as the most thrust along its Y axis, having 4 total thrusters as opposed to its X and Z axis having 2.

Weapons & Armament

The Therimus has 4 point defense X-ray lasers, capable of destroying incoming missiles and warding off drone fighters. They pose no significant threat to larger vessels; other than potentially disabling small, exposed weapons.

Armor and defense

The Therimus is unarmored, and possesses a single Corvette-class shield generator for portection against floating debris and stray bullets. This corvette also possesses 24 flare launchers arranged in groups of three on each end of each nacelle on both the top and bottom sides. Each launcher holds 6 flares in a magazine for a total of 144 flares.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Therimus has a single flip-down antenna. When not in use, it is covered by a metal panel to help protect it from stray debris which the shield doesn't fully stop. When being used, this metal panel retracts backwards, and the antenna unfolds and flips upwards. This ship possesses no FTL communications equipment.


This corvette's sensor package can change depending on its loadout. However, it always comes equipped with multifrequency macrosensors (Radar, IR, VL, and X-Ray sensors).

Additional & auxiliary systems

  • Life Support
  • Beam Tug
  • AI Autopilot

Hangars & docked vessels

When designed to utilize Drones, this ship is able to hold 6 Basilis-Class light drones. These drones are usually equipped with basic mining and surveying implements.

Sustained .75g Acceleration. Up to 4g's during intense maneuvers.
Complement / Crew
1 Pilot, 1 Co-Pilot
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
If designed for transport: 12 passengers.


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