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If I ever manage a magnum opus as an author, it will be this. A fantasy world traced from the bronze age up through the modern day over the course of multiple dozens of books set in a variety of times, cultures, and places.   This world will be as close to hard fantasy as I can make it. The idea is to take a world that is identical to Earth in everything except the shape of the land masses, add a physics-based magic system, and see how the addition of magic affects the development of culture and technology.   The first book, which is currently being drafted, introduces a bronze age society where magic is an uncontrollable force of nature. One which is part of the background of the characters lives, but isn't a focus of their stories. As humans learn to harness magic it will become more and more a central part of their lives -- and their stories.   Where will it end up? That's what we're going to find out.   This world bible is currently only available to Patrons.

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