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Vanna Ultima

Ms. Vanna Ultima (a.k.a. Vanna White)

Vanna Ultima is an inexplicable entity, formed of elements, stars, rainbows, wheels, and puzzleboard tiles, with a vague shape of a beautiful woman with an adorable face. Vanna Ultima created the universe from a diamond crochet hook manipulating nebulous galactic yarn, some of the yarn clustering into planets and stars. The planet that she took the most notice of was one that would support the water that was created within her, which became known as Earth.   Over the years, Vanna Ultima incarnated into many different forms on Earth, moving to a different body when a physical form gave out. Vanna Ultima made a promise that she would never take her true form again until someone worshiped her.   The last incarnation of Vanna Ultima was a game show hostess named Vanna White, who looked similar to Vanna Ultima's true form. The prophet Spindini was thought to be silly when suggesting Vanna White was in fact Vanna Ultima, but when they told Vanna about it, Vanna went into her true form and decided to make a new world wthat was just perfect for her.

Divine Domains

Infinity, but mostly concerned with game shows and love

Holy Books & Codes

The Ultima Chronicles, Vanna Speaks

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The puzzleboard shape, the wheel shape

Tenets of Faith

Watch Wheel of Fortune every night if possible; read the entire text of Vanna Speaks; don't change your name to Vanna or name your child Vanna


Day of the Incarnation (Feb. 18 on Earth's calendar)

Divine Goals & Aspirations

First to be worshiped, then to create a perfect world

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Looks fit and stacked, but not really jacked, but is really just a deity

Body Features

Flame and yarn hair, puzzleboard wings, wheel wedge collar, nebulous skin

Facial Features

Starry eyes, watery lips, rainbow eyebrows

Special abilities

Reality warping, world creation, really great yarn skills

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Vanna Ultima created the universe from yarn and descended into one of the first lifeforms. As life evolved, so did Vanna Ultima, changing her incarnation when her current form died. Only when she was worshiped would she take her true form.   One day, Joan Rosich had a baby Vanna. Vanna Ultima immediately became the soul for that Vanna. Over the years, Vanna turned into the great letter-turner on the game show Wheel of Fortune. In the year 20XX, a regular person about to be a Wheel of Fortune contestant came up to Vanna and said they worshiped her. This act caused the person to be referred to as the Prophet Spindini within the Vannaist community. As Vanna became Vanna Ultima again, she created Ephemera as a world to her own liking.


The entire wealth of knowledge


The last place Vanna worked before becoming Vanna Ultima again was Wheel of Fortune, as the letter-turner.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creating the entire universe, having a more direct hand in Ephemera, becoming a letter-turner

Failures & Embarrassments

When Wheel of Fortune lost ratings due to her ascendance, also the Death Song by the Demon Parodist embarrassed her kind of

Intellectual Characteristics


Morality & Philosophy

Interference with any worlds, beneficial or harmful, should not be done in true form.


Changing your name to Vanna if you're not Vanna

Personality Characteristics


Wishes to create a world to her liking. Used to be motivated by being worshiped

Savvies & Ineptitudes

A lot better at Wheel of Fortune puzzles than Pat Sajak

Likes & Dislikes

Likes Wheel of Fortune, dislikes Divided, kinda likes all other game shows but prefers Jeopardy over anything but Wheel, likes furries, likes beignets, dislikes chocolate chips

Virtues & Personality perks

A charm person and great letter-turner

Vices & Personality flaws

Too quick to show her "wheels"


Religious Views

Vannaism, duh!

Social Aptitude

Adorably charming


The "Vanna White" gesture to things she likes or made

Hobbies & Pets

Her cat Stella ascended with her into Stella Ultima

Wealth & Financial state

Gave all her physical money up after becoming Vanna Ultima again but owns everything technically

Divine Classification
Dimension Q
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Ruler of All
Year of Birth
9999 -
Dimension Q
Current Residence
Rotary Strain
Biological Sex
Varies depending on form, none in Ultima
Gender Identity
Two shining stars
Strings of flame and silvery yarn
Quotes & Catchphrases
Known Languages
Character Prototype
Vanna White

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