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Formed over years, Ephemeral's creation marks the beginning of recorded history. Ephemeral uses its own letters but they are transliterated into Latin letters. Here is the alphabet table. L = L as in leaf A = A as in father V = V as in Vanna I = I as in machine W = SH as in sheep Y = U as in cut D = TH as in the U = U as in truth M = M as in mark E = E as in bet G = G as in go O = O as in both T = T as in to K = K as in kick J = D as in dig B = B as in ball P = P as in pop Z = Z as in zoom H = H as in house F = F as in five S = S as in sit C = CH as in choose N = N as in needle R = R as in real   Adjectives go after the noun. Subjects go before the verb, with objects going between. All verbs are regular, and are made past tense by adding b at the end, future by adding l, participles by adding y, and perfect by adding o.   Only nouns are pluralized, which is formed by adding i.   to sleep = mav slept = mavb will sleep = mavl is sleeping = mavy was sleeping = mavby will be sleeping = mavly has slept = mavo had slept = mavbo will have slept = mavlo

Common Phrases
"Vieira! Hello! " "Magari! Welcome! " "Cemar! Goodbye! " "Lavi wydu: Game show "

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