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This is the northeast region of Rota. The high mountain ranges of Demak tower above the rest of Rota. Formations of multicolored crystal arches exist lower down above flat, grassy land.


Sharp, rugged mountains peak in blankets of snow. Their lower areas are filled with skyflowers and some trees. The flat plains around the mountains have skyflowers, grass, and natural crystal formations with multiple colors. The river Maran runs down the highest mountain, Dempa.

Flora & Fauna

The scrapgrass carpets low ground and Varikai grow up higher. Skyflowers and diamondsprouts grow lower. The most common people of Demak are felids and elementals.

Natural Resources

The mountains are rich in ore and stones, and the arches provide precious mineral. Wood from Varikai is usable. Diamondsprouts can be used for food.
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