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Known as variseharl in Ephemeral, bridgetrees grow broad, flat limbs that connect them to other bridgetrees. They naturally graft onto each other. They grow elongated, green fruit with slightly bitter taste.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

They reproduce by the seeds of their fruit.

Growth Rate & Stages

They take as long to fully develop as the average normal tree. They show signs of bridges at 10 years of growth with their flat limbs, but begin connecting to others at 50 years. A graft can take a year to form.

Ecology and Habitats

They grow best in flat places, and can be coastal or inland.

Biological Cycle

They shed their leaves during the cold season, but those on the midline keep their leaves all year. They bear orange flowers during the middle of the warm season and fruit near the end, but are known to have both year-round in the midline.

Scientific Name
Adansonia colligos

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