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The Hobgoblins of Outer Sothoroyos are a complicated bunch. They are very technologically advanced for Sothoroyans and many of their historical texts indicate this is likely due to trade with the Old Iron Kingdom, shipping the Iron Isle food in exchange for a pittance of what the Iron King had, some suspect they may have been enslaved during these days, but there is nothing conclusive. After the fall of the Old Iron Kingdom however the Hobgoblins looted the fallen city in military legions, causing their civilizations to sky rocket in technological terms and they now have superior healthcare and technology. These days they are not part of the Empire of the Isles, but many prominent Hobgoblins have taken an interest in trade and the theories behind The Grand Equation. Their government is Libertarian in nature with no formal government set up. Despite their incredible technology many continue to starve and die of poor healthcare with only the wealthiest corporate entities living in luxury. Despite their diametrically opposed governments, the Hobgoblin Hegemony is allied with the Isles trading their vast surplus of Dragonblood for the candies, wines, and whale bone produced by the isles.

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