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Seludun, 35th Malale, 232 4E

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  In the past, the world was full of stories of magic and heroes. Of those chosen by the gods to wield their power. Stories of fire and smoke, ice and lightning, death and life. These mythical figures channelled the wrath and justice of the great beings above, brandishing their holy might as they clashed throughout the lands of Eorin. Their deeds have been both praised and damned as the tales of their lives were told from father to son, mother to daughter. But over the generations that is what they became, myths and fables. The heroes, and the magic they commanded, faded into legend.   But then the Nightfall proved us wrong. In one night of pure terror, when the sky was ripped into pieces and burning stars fell to the ground, all we knew of our world changed. That magic of legend was now no longer just a story. It poured out of rifts in the sky to corrupt or consume all it touched. With it the monsters crept into our world, bringing destruction and death to those they fell upon. Towns and cities fell, kingdoms and empires collapsed. We learnt to fear the magic, to fear the beasts it had brought into our world, even to fear those of our own that it had mutated. But despite all of this, despite the fear, it was not long before people discovered how to harness the magic, to manipulate it for their own use. Be it for good or evil.   Right now the world is starting to heal, to recover. Across Eorin people have found ways to survive, to rebuild, to prosper again. After more than two centuries of death and turmoil, hope is on the horizon. As everyone tries to find their place the new balance of the continent, opportunities arise for those willing to take them. The wilderness left behind by the beasts of the night begs to be retaken, the power structures that crumbled in the chaos have left a void to be filled, and the ever-present call of magic whispers in the ears of those both strong and weak of heart.    

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